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"Avatar: The Last Airbender" and it's sequel "The Legend of Korra" featured some of the best worldbuilding of any cartoon series I've ever seen. The various societies were rich, and complex, and they included their resident elemental powers with creativity and practicality.

One area the cartoon did not expand on was how certain social matters were addressed, and the Korra finale, which showed Korra joining hands with Asami Sato, the woman she loves, as they step into the Spirit World, was positively subversive in showing a blossoming same sex relationship.

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Modest Medusa - one of my favorite comics (and should be yours too) had a brief take on the final scene of The Legend of Korra's finale, which I think sums things up nicely.

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What do you think, sirs?

ETA spoiler warning and link to the webcomic proper.
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the continuing adventures of Avatar Aang and Team Avatar as they try to resolve the issues of the fire nation colony.

But I found the side-story to be so good I am posting it.

*mods, why doesn't Toph's tagline have "GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD"?
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Where does one START?

It's true to the series, and all the voices and feelings are there. Since Sozin's Comet, the characters have had some growth. Some forward, others....well, like Aang says, it gets complicated.

But of course you cannot have ATLA without moments of awesomeness.

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