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Title: Weird Western Tales #34 - "Death of a Bounty Hunter" (DC, 1976, 19 pages)
Creators: Michael Fleisher (writer), George Moliterni (art)
Availability: Out of Print

Jonah Hex. A scar-faced, motherless cuss with a cash-box where his soul oughta be. Ugly as sin and twice as deadly. His only companions are death itself and the acrid smell of gunsmoke.

And he plumb hates it when writers don't do the research. )

The current series has quite a bit to recommend it, but I admit, I'm enjoying the older takes a lot more right now.
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tags: creator: marv wolfman, creator: michael fleisher, creator: irv novick, creator: frank mclaughlin, title: batman, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: nightwing/robin/dick grayson, char: talia al ghul
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TimwWarp was something different that DC tried in the early 80's these were really fucked up stories for like minded people. Just to give you an example Steve Ditko had a story in every issue...

Seriously I've had dates that ended this way.

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