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The New 52's Siobhan Smythe (repost)

So Sibohan as made her debut in the Supergirl TV show, and I am enjoying the character but with Supergirl's return to the mainstream DCU on the horizon I do hope we see more of the New 52 version, as I quite like her. Reposted from December 2014; here are some scans on how she met Supergirl.

it begins with issue 8 )
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The true story of Batman's name

As I was watching the latest episode of Supergirl and enjoying the episode, especially Livewire in it, I was reminded of one of my favorite Livewire scenes in comics which had a bonus cameo by Wally West. So I thought why not post that scene here. Following is 7 pages from Superman/Batman 44.

Where else could that name come from? )
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Valentine's Day 2015: A bit of heartbreak.

Okay I don't want to ruin anyone's buzz, so feel free to skip this post if it's going to bring you down.

I really like the Zatanna/Bruce dynamic, and it doesn't get enough love, so here's a very bittersweet moment.

Bruce and Clark were trapped in a dream world by Doctor Destiny, and they've finally broken free to reality.

or have they? )

Two pages from Superman/Batman #75

Pretty sure we're still under the line for this one since it was 40 pages(so 13 can be posted and unless I'm mistaken only 8 have been so far), let me know if I'm wrong on that.

That aside, this story featured some familiar characters of Superman/Batman past...
Hint: They came in a dru- errr... kryptonite-induced haze )
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A man and a woman talk in a bar...

From Batman Confidential 7
Four Pages )

title: batman confidential
creator: michael green
creator: denys cowan
creator: john floyd


Yesterday I posted scenes from the first issue of Green's run on Superman/Batman and realized that it would be a crime to not post a certain scene from the third issue of the storyline. At the end of the first issue, Superman has convinced Batman to help him round-up the kryptonite on Earth, so it won't stop him from helping people. It just turns out that there is a lot of it around after the Kryptonite meteor in the first storyline of the title. While they are doing this, Batman receives a weird signal from the satellites, indicating a location of Kryptonite in a certain bar. What bar? The Oblivion Bar, which is basically the hangout for magic-users, so Supes and Bats are simply thrilled in going there. At the bar they do find the kryptonite in a medallion sealed way and are confused by it being silver and so old that Krypton was still around when it was made. At that point Clark picks it up and it goes bam.

The Life Mistaken

I was a big fan of the Green/Johnson run on Superman/Batman, as while they weren't perfect, they had a certain charm and fun to them, while staying true to the main characters and their relationship, actually saying something about it. So, as they are now officially, well for a while now actually, moving on to bigger and better things from the title, I thought I'd post certain scenes from their first issue, which had me laughing at several points.

Superman/Batman #49

Hey, all, the Scans Daily online archive is back up, and there's no need for a password any more. Also, I've been meaning to mention this, I managed to snag a chunk of the scans from the old SD, not all, but a chunk of the 20,000+ posts. It's about 30GB, and I had to nurse the script along to make it work, so I'm not sure how to share it...but I am open to ideas.

And to make this legal, here's my favorite page from Superman/Batman #49: Not a robot? )

More On Zee's Love Life (With Bruce and Otherwise)

A montage featuring Zee's love life in general from Zatanna: Everyday Magic and a very sad scene between her and Bruce in Superman/Batman #61. This post was inspired by [insanejournal.com profile] thebigapricot's earlier post, which was inspired by my earlier post, which in turn was inspired by my even earlier Zee post, which was inspired by whoever requested it. Overkill, yes? On the other hand, Zee clearly rocks and now you all know it.

recommended tags: char: zatanna zatara, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: paul dini, creator: francis manapul, creator: michael green, creator: mike johnson, creator: rick mays