Lazarus #1-2

I took advantage of Image Comics 50% off Digital Comics sale and splurged on a few series I've been meaning to get into.

Since Greg Rucka is one of the S_D community's patron saints, I thought I should post some scans from the first two 2 issues of his and Michael Lark's new ongoing series, Lazarus, which is only 4 issues old so far.

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Amazing Spider-Man #620, #621

In today's post about the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, [personal profile] cuntfucius points out that, if you ignore how hard they're trying to sell her, Carlie has potential. I'd been meaning to post from these issues anyway, so here are a few pages from before Carlie was the Designated Girlfriend, when she's actually pretty decent.

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Siege: The Cabal #1 (Preview)

Norman Osborn consults an expert on what to do about the presence of Asgard on Earth. has the full preview.

(PS: First post, so hopefully everything works accordingly)

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