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In my never-ending quest to prove that 90s Batman comics weren't the mess of gloom, doom, and violence that everyone says they were, I present several instances from the Bat-comics of that period that genuinely made me laugh. These cover all three periods of the nineties - early, mid, and late.

Civic-minded serial killers, killer sandwiches, and Swords of Damocles behind the cut! )

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It's really not easy to pick out one for this day, considering the sheer number of choices. Therefore, I decided to choose one artist who might be overlooked among all the greats that come to mind.

Therefore, I present:

Ladies and gentlemen, Jim Aparo. )
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Roughly a page's worth from World's Finest #297, August 1983, not my scans. For reasons not entirely clear to me, having to do with events in JLA and Batman and the Outsiders apparently, Batsy is in a temper. How dare Supes save his life! How dare he beat him to doing-good-deeds punch! And pretty soon, the boys are on the outs.

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Someone was asking for interaction between Jason and Alfred pre-death, so it reminded me that I was going to make a post on Jason in Batman #413.


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