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Wolverine deals with the loss of his healing factor and the fact that this means he's now going to start aging at a normal rate.

I haven't seen the new film but, for those of who have, I'm curious how its take on the premise compares to the comic's.

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"It's been one of the joys of my life to have met and, in recent years, become friends with, Chris Claremont. His enormous contribution to comics is still undervalued. This title is dedicated to him." -- Paul Cornell

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"The weird thing about Wolverine is that there's still so much to do with him. I think the fun stuff (taking the healing factor as far as it'll go, historical adventures) is so attractive that a lot of writers have gone that way, but there's still loads of character to be explored." -- Paul Cornell

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At SDCC this year, Marvel announced the release of a five-issue series of one-shots - 40 pages of "all-new material/no reprints" (according to the solicits) at $3.99 - focusing on what "some of the most popular Avengers think about what it takes to be a member of the legendary team" (from the article linked at the bottom of this).

They are:
- Ant-Man & the Wasp, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with interior art by Stéphanie Hans (out Nov. 2 - tomorrow!)
- Vision, written by Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel with interior art by Stephane Perger (Nov. 9)
- Luke Cage, written by Adam Glass and Mike Benson with interior art by Dalibor Talajic (Nov. 16)
- Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver, written by Sean McKeever with interior art by Mirco Pierfederici (Nov. 23)
- Thor, written by Kathryn Immonen with interior art by Al Barrionuevo (Nov. 30)

Covers, solicits, and all sorts of previews (only from the first four, sorry) ahoy! )

More info is available from a article in which each writer/writing team explains briefly what their goals are for their issue and a Newsarama interview with all writers except Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.
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This month marks the return to comics of the CrossGen properties. RUSE was arguably the most critically-acclaimed of their titles, so its not surprising that it's one of the two titles TPB have chosen to begin the relaunch with.

The book made mild internet waves in 2002 when Mark Waid refused a Harvey Award nomination for Best Writer for his work on the title. I don't know if his motivation was ever divulged, but it almost certainly has to do with his conflicts behind the scenes with CrossGen's founder, Mark Alessi. Waid once described working there as the emotional equivalent of being punched in the stomach everyday. (Alessi, by all accounts, was a rich man who believed being a lifelong reader of comics qualified him to publish comics, a task -- again, by all accounts -- he woefully lacked the know-how for.)

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The 2010 Eisner Awards were handed out last night? Did Cry for Justice win anything (and, yes, it was actually nominated for something)?

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Two pages and a cobbled-together third page from Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield?, this week's comedy one-shot, written by Jason Aaron (who is either Ed Brubaker's best friend or his most dire enemy).

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