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And as we consign the smouldering remains of 2016 to the ashcan of history, let us look forward to 2017 with as optimistic a view as we can, even though I suspect a lot of us feel much like Robin probably does in the image below...

Mitch Ballard - Batman, Robin and The Clock - Unhappy New Year! (or "Why Robin HATES the holidays!")

Click Here to visit my Art Gallery on comicartfans.com!

And in that spirit of optimism, a little something else to welcome 2017, my latest commission, from an artist I have long admired, Romeo Tanghal...

Which is decidedly more upbeat )

So a big thank you to everyone on scans_daily for the past year, when sometimes there was little else to cheer us up.

Thank you to those who have posted, those who have commented and those who have lurked (though know you are always welcome to participate). Thanks you for the new comics, for the old comics, for the new viewpoints, the discussions and debates and most of all, for the fun!
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Now scans_daily welcomes those of all religious persuasions, or no religious persuasion at all, and long may it continue to do so.

And whilst appreciating that there are those for whom this day is not particularly special, or whose religious celebrations occur at other times of the year, I hope no one will be offended if I post a couple of Christmas themed special pieces.

So who is on the Naughty List? )
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My first commissioned art by the talented Mitch Ballard!

I wanted a fun & sexy piece featuring my favorite Titan couples from the New Teen Titans era. Preferably with them half naked:) the guys would be shirtless while the girls wear their shirts. Mitch came up with the wonderful concept of them doing laundry. He even added Gar & Vic!

Half-Naked Titans under the cut )
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Over the past few years I'veestablished a personal tradition of a Christmas card for scans_daily. Now I appreciate not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this is intended to express the more general compliments of the season of goodwill and fellowship, which hopefully transcend denominational and theistic opinions.

Cuteness within )
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After reading on s_d for some time, and not without nodding agreement on a regular basis, about the objectification of women in terms of super-costume designs... I'd pondered what the reverse would be like....

Meet... The Boys of Prey! )
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Comic Crossovers are certainly not a new thing they've been done for at least a good three decades or more.

Heck we're seeing Classic Star Trek and the Legion of Superheroes soon enough.

But one day I specifically thought about Marvel and DC crossovers and that when they occur it's always the mainstream versions of the comics (or some close variation) that crossover like in JLA/Avengers.

So I then had a thought about a fun idea for a crossover that'd likely never happen...

What Marvel and DC character shall meet (or not)? )

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To start the weekend, it's commission time again!

You know what's more fun than having a favourite character?

Having two favourite characters!

And what's better than that?

Having them interact when there's no mainstream way they could, would or should...

And what's EVEN BETTER than that?

Having an artist who "get's" your requests... and improves on them!

My newest Mitch Ballard commission )
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Robin the happy Christmas Wonder says "If you want to read an S_D classic Christmas story, then click here for Tim and the Joker's magical Christmas together, but you might want to stick around and enjoy the rest of this post first!"

It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blend ship! )

Holy anagrams Batman! )

Justice leaps down! )

Keep your enemies close and your friends closer... wait that's not right )

So, as always, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community. For the fun, the discussions, and even especially the arguments :) ), the shared obsessions (even especially the naughty ones), the hidden gems, the new light cast on the well known, and the glimpses of glorious comic art past and present, may I wish a very happy Christmas to you and your families (in whatever shape, size and form they come in) and here's to a great 2011!

And something to while away the quiet Christmas moments... )
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As has been noted many times, and by infinitely wiser heads than mine, Batman and the Joker have a truly fascinating dynamic... Committed crime buster versus repeatedly committed criminal, implacable order versus capricious chaos, life versus death. This Bob Kane lithograph is one of my favourite images, and it's not even from a comic!

Bound Wonder's beneath (and no, neither 'Woman' nor 'Girl')  )
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To round off the Easter holiday weekend on a nice up-beat note here is the first of my most recent Mitch Ballard commissions. And who better than two of my favourites; Warlock and Cypher!

The Team Supreme... and an unexpected guest star )

tags: creator: mitch ballard, char: cypher/doug ramsey, char: warlock, char: galactus, creator: jack kirby
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Today I had my very first commission in the mail, a wonderful artwork done by Mitch Ballard.
I didn't have to think long about the characters: Dick Grayson was clearly the first choice, and since you don't see the two of them together that often anymore, I decided on Wally West as the second character.

Special thanks to [personal profile] icon_uk for introducing me to this genre, which promises to be a great and very welcome new addiction. :)

Welcome to the jungle )

Tags: char: brother blood, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, creator: mitch ballard, creator: nick cardy, genre: commission, in-joke: bondage, publisher: dc comics, title: teen titans
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Thanks to icon_uk's timely notice of his fanartist of choice's eBay commission auction, I now have a lovely pen-and-ink two-character piece of (Steph) Batgirl and Oracle. He was a pleasure to deal with via e-mail; we noodled around thoughts about Oracle guiding Steph through training before we hit on the idea of Steph in the field with an inset of Oracle monitoring via computer. He also sent me a scan of the pencils so I'd know it was near completion, and included a penciled board with the package.
Behold the Batgirl! )
How's that for a lotta bang for your commissioning bucks? Thanks again, icon_uk, for the commission tip!

For a legality scan, here's a random page of Babs and Dick fun from Birds of Prey #54 I found floating around my photobucket - I've posted it before, but I think it was to s_d 1.0 and therefore long-lost.
Barbara! )
tag wranglers - char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, char: batgirl/robin/spoiler/steph brown, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, creator: casey jones, creator: gilbert hernandez, creator: mitch ballard, genre: commission, group: avengers, title: birds of prey
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The first image I ever had posted on scans_daily wasn't actually posted by me, some had found it on my CAF account, and liked it so much they'd posted a copy of it, with a nice link to my gallery and everything.

And thus a legend in my own lunchtime was born )
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I hardly ever post "Context is for the weak" images, usually because in mine, context is already pretty much spectacularly evident, but these I had to share.

They're from an officially licensed DC colouring book from the 1960's, so I think they might qualify as a comic image, but I may add an image just for the heck of it!

I'm also tempted to turn these into a caption competition )


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