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"I wanted to write about the Trump era, but I didn’t want to write, “Fascism sucks” or “Trump sucks.” That doesn’t get you anywhere. You’re taking your Twitter feed and putting it in panels. What I wanted to do is capture the emotion of the period, and the anxiety, the way Alan Moore captured the anxiety of the ‘80s or Kirby captured the anxiety of the ‘70s or even Lee captured the optimism of the ‘60s; to capture the feeling, more than the politics. That’s what interests me. That’s how you make something that’s just not a polemic. After page four, the whole thing goes into a 9-panel grid, and it’s to give you a sense of that claustrophobia. To give you a sense of what it is to be trapped, not only in the themes and the words, but in the actual panel structure. He’s trapped behind those bars we had in Omega Men, and how does he break out?"

- Tom King

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 So lately there's been some dispute as to whether or not Marvel's cancellation of the Fantastic Four and the subjugation of the X-Men line and related merchandise had to do with Perlmutter's vendetta against Fox.

Well according to Jonathan Hickman...

"I think it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Marvel isn’t publishing Fantastic Four because of their disagreement with Fox. While it bums me out, I completely understand because, well, it isn’t like they’re not acting out of cause. Fox needs to do a better job there."

Well it's up to you to decide whether or not Marvel cancelling their longest-running comic as a 'fuck you' to Fox is 'acting out of cause'. As a bonus, here's the cast from the recent FF movie being blown up in a Marvel comic. Because Marvel isn't petty about this or anything.

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I loved that run on Swamp Thing and what [Alan Moore] did with that character. And there was a beautiful Batman crossover that was all about the power of Swamp Thing next to the power of Batman. I wanted to have something in communication with that and sort of pay tribute to it. -- Tom King

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'Continuity, I think a lot of people scoff at it. "Oh that's so stupid. Story is more important than continuity." To me, continuity is the heart of comic books. That's what makes it real. If you're not telling a story that stands on the shoulders of the giants before you, it's not real. You're just writing into the air.' -- Tom King

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"She knows that Bruce Wayne is a mask. She knows being this playboy character is a façade. Batman is The Bat, and he knows that Selina Kyle is a mask — the Cat is who she is. And they’re not ashamed of that. They’re not the people that they were born to be. They’re the people that they chose to be. They’re the only two people that see each other as they truly are. That’s the core of their romance. Your soulmate is the person that sees everything that everyone judges you on and loves you still." -- Tom King

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"It’s the first comic I’m writing where every issue is submitted to the publication review board of the CIA. There’s nothing in it that’s secret, and it’s a crime comic that takes place in Iraq at the time that I was there. It’s not about why I was there, doing counter-terrorism work. But it touches on issues that I saw and the world I saw doing that job." -- Tom King

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"I dealt with Iraq for a long time. It was a big piece of my life. I knew at some point I had to write about it. I tried a few times and it just made me feel uncomfortable. I knew I wasn’t getting it right.

"It’s a weird feeling and I don’t know if people can relate to it, but I get a sort of guilt when I write about Iraq. I’m sure you can hear it in my voice—I’m already apologizing. But I feel like I didn’t do enough. I should have done more. I left too early, the situation wasn’t resolved. And also, it’s weird but there’s almost a feeling of wish fulfillment—like I wish I was back there, I wish I was still in it—and pain that came with it. There’s a lot of emotion wrapped around it. So it took me a while to get to it. It was about ten years before I was comfortable with it."
-- Tom King

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"A clever, twisting and blood-slick crime story in a place as hot and dry and lethal as any classic noir." -- Warren Ellis

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'If you turn on your TV and you’re wondering, “Did we win or lose this war? Will we ever win or lose this?” I’m going to try to talk about that a little bit. I’m not saying I come up with the answers, but I was there at the beginning of it and I was there when everything went a little bit wrong. So if you want to listen to a guy try to make sense of it, Sheriff of Babylon is the place to turn.' -- Tom King

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Vertigo is to me what Image Comic seems to be others. While everyone gets excited over whatever Image puts out, Vertigo does that for me. It's produced some my favorite comics of all time (Fables, iZombie, Scalped, Saucer Country, and The Unwritten), but it has been falling on hard times recently. This imprint barely had any new titles at all!

...that is, until just recently...

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Have you seen Comictwart? It's where a selection of comics artists give themselves a theme to draw for the week and then draw it. It's not as much fun as Hey Oscar Wilde, it's clobbering time!, but it's still pretty good.  )

And for super-legality, Fear Itself artwork )


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