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[personal profile] skjam2012-10-31 10:40 pm

Killer Clown? Ghost? Must be Halloween in Gotham City

Let's catch up with All Star Western #13.

"Dangit! I thought I wasn't in thet goldurned Joker crossover!"

As often with Jonah Hex, a modern concern is projected on the Nineteenth Century. )

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Jonah Hex vs. Gotham City, Round Two

"All-Star Western" has been on most people's "best of the New 52" lists, but we haven't had a post about it in a while, so I'm going to do a big post of the second storyline.

Four pages each from issues #4, 5 & 6. After the main feature will be the Court of Owls tie-in issue you may have missed, and a special random treat.

SPOILER WARNING: Unlike my usual new comics posts, I will be giving away the ending to All-Star Western #6, so if you're still waiting on your copy, you might want to come back later.

'I am never going on another adventure with you ever again.' 'Suits me fine.'  )

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