Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Superman

"What's so wonderful about these characters, these great iconic characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, is that there's something essential about all three of them. You can bend them, you can twist them, you can do all kinds of things to them -- come up with different histories, come up with parallel universes -- but there's some inherent appeal about them that no matter what clothes you put on them, no matter where you take them, the heart and soul remains the same." - J.M. DeMatteis

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[personal profile] skjam2012-10-31 10:40 pm

Killer Clown? Ghost? Must be Halloween in Gotham City

Let's catch up with All Star Western #13.

"Dangit! I thought I wasn't in thet goldurned Joker crossover!"

As often with Jonah Hex, a modern concern is projected on the Nineteenth Century. )

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Jonah Hex vs. Gotham City, Round Two

"All-Star Western" has been on most people's "best of the New 52" lists, but we haven't had a post about it in a while, so I'm going to do a big post of the second storyline.

Four pages each from issues #4, 5 & 6. After the main feature will be the Court of Owls tie-in issue you may have missed, and a special random treat.

SPOILER WARNING: Unlike my usual new comics posts, I will be giving away the ending to All-Star Western #6, so if you're still waiting on your copy, you might want to come back later.

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