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'They’re real-life super-heroes. It’s like when you read a comic, you’re not surprised when you see a panel where Superman is holding up a planet, right? It’s an absurd idea, but you would never think that was ridiculous. In the same instance, if I tell you that in secret, Einstein and Von Braun built a space station in secret, you’d be like “okay.” You know? You just kind of buy it, so yeah, you can get away with a whole lot just because those guys actually were that amazing. When you twist it and say “what if they weren’t just geniuses, what if they were super evil geniuses with agendas and plans and machinations,” there’s a lot of rope there.'

- Jonathan Hickman

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'The Manhattan Projects takes place during what was arguably the high holy days of "adventure science" -- when what was impossible became possible. We're really trying to create stories that are about recapturing the wonderful and mysterious nature of discovery. A push back against the blase attitude that permeates "discovery" now -- "We just found a planet 22 light-years away that could have life on it... Super, I just hope the fat kid makes it to the next round on America's Got Talent.'

- Jonathan Hickman

Manhattan Projects was nominated for an Eisner Award this year for Best Continuing Series. Didn't win, though.

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Next year, Image are doing more cool things, like bringing back BKV and letting Jonathan Hickman do more brain melty stuff, like Manhattan Projects. Yes, Projects.

What if the union of a generation's brightest minds like Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer was not a signal for optimism, but foreboding? What if everything… went wrong?

In the year 1945, the atomic bomb proved its capacity for immense devastation, but what if the creation of that ultimate killing machine was just a cover for a series of other, more unusual, programs? A brand new, monthly ongoing series from Image Comics will pose that question by taking a look at one of the most critical periods of change in the 20th century through a lens both darkened and strange. Join us, for what is poised to the breakout hit of 2012, THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS!

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