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"That’s been my aim too, going all the way back to my first writing gig on Spotlight: Kup; good comic first, good Transformers comic second. We can’t give people any excuse to dismiss the work we do, so we write these characters like we own them. Why would a reader spend her hard-earned time and money on this universe if it didn’t matter to the people who built it?" -- Nick Roche

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"It takes place in a desolate, snowy landscape, drawing old adversaries and new allies together to rescue someone who has screwed them and everyone else over for eons.

"Basically, it’s What If The A-Team Had To Rescue The Colonel They Were Running From.

"With Robots.

"In The Snow."
-- Nick Roche

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So in March, we're getting IDW's Heart of Darkness, a five-issue Abnett/Lanning about a big purple alien and his plans for the universe.

That'll evidently be coming out of Transformers' Infestation tie-in, which spins out of Ashley Wood's "Zombies vs Stuff" like the others.

And that tie-in gives us an early peek at their.. Galvatron. )
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Two pages and one panel from Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 2.

Also one reason why humans aren't normally allowed to be Wreckers. )

Tags: Creator: Nick Roche, Creator: James Roberts, Title: Transformers, Character: Verity Carlo, Character: Kup, Character: Overlord
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Last Stand of the Wreckers, a five-issue IDW miniseries set post-AHM, concerns.. well, the Wreckers.

Reassembled following Megatron's post-Nemesis Prime blitzkrieg (the old team gets bolstered by some existing characters, some new ones, and at least one WHUT), their first mission is to retake Cybertronian prison planet Garrus-9 from the Decepticons.

But a team like the Wreckers need someone as basterd-y as them to contend with, and since Galvatron's nowhere near Garrus-9 at this point...

Enter Overlord; your spilt energon's all the pay he'll ever need.  )


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