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"Rowan is one of the more flawed protagonists that I’ve written in a long time. I saw something on Twitter, and I wish I could remember who said it and I wish I could remember the phrasing, but they were talking about how female protagonists are never allowed to have a significant character flaw in the way that male protagonists are. I haven’t thought about it enough to think of examples to refute that assertion, but I do think that we tend to walk a very careful line, writers and storytellers like myself, who are trying to be conscious of gender parity and ethnic parity and going on down the line. We want to see more diversity in work.

I know that for a very long time, there were certain things that I would not allow myself to do to certain protagonists. If I had a gay character, I wasn’t going to kill him. If you read the Kodiak novels, Dale Matsui was the safest guy in the series, right? Dale was out, he was happily in a relationship, and my politics are such that I wasn’t seeing that a lot and I certainly wasn’t going to get rid of the one guy who was there. That is, in its own way, a bigotry. What we want to see is stories that are going to be honest stories about the characters that we’re telling them about. We want to be fair to those characters, and those characters get to be people, they’re not defined by gender or sexual identity or ethnicity, solely. Those are elements of character, as I’ve said multiple times and I’m sure bored people to tears with it.

So getting back to Rowan, from the beginning in my head, she’s got some issues. She’s prickly. I’m not sure how easy she is to like. She may fall into that category of character where she’s a badass and you respect that, and you think it’s cool, but you’re not really sure if you’d want to hang out with her once you get to know her."

- Greg Rucka

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"I went back and re-read those issues and remembered Kole had asked one of the other characters a question that when answered would have been extremely controversial at the time. For various reasons, that storyline went in a different direction, so I never had the chance to explore it, but now I could. So we see Kole pretty much asking the very same question, but now we get an answer. It may not be as controversial as it would have been in 1984, and I decided not to do something different just because I could, so because of the nature of Convergence, I got the chance to do the story the way I originally wanted." - Marv Wolfman

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News from NYCC

Since Batman 66 has been doing quite well, it seems only natural that for their next title, DC Digital are producing one based on TV's live-action Wonder Woman!

And the first cover art from Nicola Scott is a thing of genuine beauty!

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Since I was a big fan of the Helena Bertinelli Huntress, I was very dismayed when DC eliminated her with the new-52 reboot.  But I recently learned that she has been a recurring character in the show Arrow on the CW.  So far she's appeared in four episodes: 1x07, 1x08, 1x17, and 2x17, all four of which I've now watched.  I have to say, I was quite pleased with her portrayal.  They actually managed to make her more ruthless than in the comics, which is a big plus in my book.  Sadly, 2x17, entitled "Birds of Prey," ended in a way that will make it difficult for the show to bring her back anytime in the near future, but it didn't preclude an eventual return, so I'm pretty happy.  Anyway, in honor of this, I decided to post a few pages from Birds of Prey: Blood and Circuits.

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