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Hi folks!

It's been a while since we last checked in on our favorite hideously-scarred bounty hunter, so let's do that.

This scene does not appear in this issue. What does is a wedding you were never expecting to see; SPOILERS for All Star Western #26.

Four pages from the latest issue )

Your thoughts and comments?
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That got some of y'all's' attention, I'd imagine. One page with the long-awaited return of a beloved character!

And I thought the actual 90s were unkind to this 'un... )

OK guys, let's discuss in loving, intricate detail the thousand and one ways this is WRONG. On your mark - get set - GO!
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Admittedly I haven't been buying many comics outside of independents so it was a rarity that I bought a few comics this previous week.

I bought the recent GL issue to show some support for Lyssa (that I posted on) and here's some of a certain blue fellow in Justice League.

Crowd: Starman?

No a different blue fellow, thought Starman's there too.

All will be we- I mean We Will Prevail! )

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so Booster Gold's been being rubberbanded around time by a knife that can open holes in time.

All part of a day's work when you're a protector of time, right?

Well, so's getting rubberbanded back into places of history like World War the First... )


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