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"Aquaman is one of the sort of big six of DC. He's not a Batman or Superman, but he's absolutely one of the first division heroes. And I've always liked him for that reason. And I like him for the same reason, I think, that I like a lot of cosmic characters, because he's not just a guy who puts on a costume — he's a guy from another world. He's a guy from Atlantis.

He's not wearing a superhero costume. He's wearing royal chain mail.

And he's not just a hero who saves people and does good deeds. He's got this responsibility. He rules Atlantis. He rules a whole nation. He controls the sea, which is two-thirds of the planet. He's the most global hero
" - Dan Abnett

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Scot Eaton, Oscar Jimenez, Brad Walker

Warning for violence.

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All this A vs. X stuff lately has put me in mind of another "Let's see 'em all fight!" series Marvel put out in the late 90s: Contest of Champions II. ("II" because there was a previous one Marvel did as an Olympic games tie-in... in the year the US didn't attend the Olympic games. Oops.)

It was written by... actually, you know what? See if you can guess. The writer's someone who has a distinctive style.

Here's a third of issue one and a third of issue two.

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Yeah, issue #4 of Jennifer Blood wasn't too much fun, so here I am to put up pages from Garth Ennis that I actually like.

For some reason, The Last Battle took a really damned long time to conclude. The last issue came out in February and, of course, ended on a cliffhanger before the series disappeared into a black hole. Fortunately, issue #6 finally came out last week.

The main plot of The Last Battle is almost irrelevant. The main plot threads involve Jay, who's finally recovering his faculties, and Wormwood himself dealing with the pressures of imminent fatherhood. Jay, the second coming of Christ, and Wormwood, who happens to be a successful television producer, have a new plan.

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Time once again for a dip into the amazing-ly crack-eriffic Amalgam Universe!

When last we left our Merry Metamutants, they were... well, not doing too well.

Sad to say, after a timeskip of unknown length, they aren't actually doing better, but in fact worse.

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