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"Peter is a scoundrel with a heart of gold. Kitty is a devoted teacher who craves adventure. They bring out the hidden parts of themselves that yearn to be understood and satisfied." - Sam Humphries

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Freddie Williams II & Paco Medina
Inker: Juan Vlasco
Colorist: David Curiel

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"Kitty is going to be a regular presence in the book. And as we advance from issue to issue, her presence is going to increase. Their relationship is going to grow, and it’s not always going to fun and flirty for them. They have two very different personalities and they’re going to clash sometimes. But, there’s no denying that there’s’ an attraction happening there. They have these holographic phones that they can talk to other with over extreme distances, so it’s like they’re in the room together. As they talk more and get to know each other more, and as their attraction develops, she will be an increasingly important part of the of the book. Kitty Pryde is not going anywhere." - Sam Humphries

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Paco Medina
Inker: Juan Vlasco
Colorist: David Curiel

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"He’s a guy, and we say this right in the issue, who loves space. He’s not tortured about being in space. He has an affection for Earth as where he grew up, it’s where half his heritage is, but he loves being Star-Lord. He loves going out into space and drinking and fighting and adventuring. But we do give him a new connection to Earth, which is his long-distance flirtation with Kitty Pryde, which Bendis introduced in “The Trial of Jean Grey.” They have these holographic phones with which they can communicate with each other. It’s kind of like intergalactic Skype. They’ve met and they have chemistry and there’s a spark there, and now they’re going to find out across thousands of light years if there’s potential for a relationship there." - Sam Humphries

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Paco Medina
Inker: Juan Vlasco
Colorist: David Curiel

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"This is kind of the opposite of what I did with FANTASTIC FOUR, what I’m doing with AVENGERS. A lot of FANTASTIC FOUR was going back and looking at old runs and seeing what worked and what didn’t work, and taking the good stuff out and reintroducing it. The goal, though, was to make the franchise really relevant again. This isn’t the same thing. The Avengers are more relevant than they’ve ever been at any point in the history of the franchise. It’s stronger now than it has ever been. Going back and looking at a bunch of old stuff, regardless of how fond I am of it—and there’s certainly stuff that I really really like—I think it’s the wrong move to try and revisit old territory. I think that would be a mistake, and so I’ve intentionally gone the other way." - Jonathan Hickman

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I picked up a few regular comics as well as the free ones on Free Comic Book Day. After the previous post where young Nova asks some semi-relevant questions, I noticed that he's doing it again in Original Sin #0.

As the new kid on the block, I guess it's only fair that he gets to be the viewpoint character for expository information.

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In other news, I'm participating in a blogging challenge, to make 20 posts during the month of May. See some of the results at
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Since this hasn't been posted here yet and a few issues have passed, it falls to me to post some snippets from Avenging Spider-man #17, guest starring everyone's favourite mechanoid freelance peacekeeping agent.

That's Death's Head, in case you weren't paying attention, yes?

Yep, it turns out that Iron Man isn't the only place he's shown up lately. Except this version of the character might look a bit more... familiar to those who followed his original adventures under the pen of Simon Furman.

And Otto-Spider-man is called by The Fantastic Four to help out with a very important task.
Baby-sitting for the Future Foundation.

It goes about as well as you might expect.

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The last of the four new Ultimate books launched this last week. by Nick Spencer and Paco Medina, it continues with the status quo post-Ultimatum where Magneto's attack has set human/mutant relations back to the dark ages.

It also builds on Loeb's Ultimate X book, using Ultimate Jean Grey Karen Grant and Wolverine's son, and also using the trio of Iceman, Johnny Storm and Kitty Pryde following on from Death of Spider-man.

It's pretty good and for the first time in a while, a comic shocked me. I'll put out a warning for implied gore and violence as well as familial violence.
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"First to Last" is the current X-Men story that started in X-MEN GIANT SIZE and continues in the (current) adjective-less X-MEN series. X-MEN #12 came out on June 2, and even though X-MEN #13 came out June 15, it is still less than a month old. So I'm only posting 4 pages.

A rather ominous looking group called the Evolutionaries have decided its time for mutants to inherit the Earth. So the Evolutionaries want to kill all humans and seem to have the power to do so. The strange part? Scott suddenly remembers them from the days of the original team, but Warren and Bobby don't.

Meanwhile, 2.7 million years ago...

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The Evolutionaries story arc begins here. A forgotten threat from the X-men's past returns to see how mutants have fared, and are not happy about the state of things. Especially the threats to said mutants.
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A roundup of the X-Men news from C2E2 - not as much news as in some other places, but undoubtedly that's because of "Second Coming" still being only in the early stages.

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creator: adi granov, creator: paco medina, creator: jae lee, group: x-men, char: x-23/laura kinney, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, publisher: marvel comics


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