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From Mark Waid and Fiona Staples (Variant cover beneath is by Paolo Rivera)


Edit - It has been pointed out that the second part of the scans I had posted were already posted here, so they have been removed and replaced with a sampling of the variant covers for issues #1 and #2 instead.

A brief History of Jughead (and how he got his name) )

If redhead blokes with freckles are your cup of tea, then rejoice! )
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Amazing Spider-Man is being "cancelled" with it's 700th issue and is being rebooted, presumably as part of the Marvel Now or whatever Joe Quesada is calling it.

Calling it: The original numbering will be back with #800, just like they did before with #500.

Also of note is the "epilogue" taking place in Avenging Spider-Man #15.1.

Cover under the cut... )
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This week's release of X-Men : Season One made me want to post the last time Marvel did a similar exercise. (Well, I think it's the last one, maybe there were some in between :p).

To quote wikipedia:
Mythos is a six-issue series of one-shot Marvel comic books written by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, each issue is based on the origin story of a particular character or group within Marvel's collective universe.

Jenkins remarked in several promotional interviews that the project was to be used to bridge the gap between the comics and more recent movie adaptations as a means of introducing the new readers with little knowledge of these characters comic histories.

The first Mythos book, Mythos: X-Men #1, was released March 2006 and featured an adapted version of the story first seen in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). However, the themes in the story were slightly altered to match with those that have become the general overall tone of the X-Men comics, with Magneto noting that Cape Citadel is actually a facility being used for anti-mutant purposes during a conversation with Professor Xavier which never took place in the original story which saw Magneto attempt to steal Nuclear Weapons.

Both the date (2006) and the influence of the first X-Men movies are pretty obvious on it. The overall tone is strikingly different from Season One :)

7 pages from Mythos: X-Men )
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Greetings, comrades. Some moments ago I had the chance to read the newest "first" issue of Daredevil and I must say it was a good reading as well as good to see Daredevil avoiding some of the Noir style that has plagued him for decades. The reason of this entry is to provide you with the best part of this new era for Daredevil. I am sure you'll like it.

A New Dawn for Daredevil )
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Courtesy of CBR )
Apparently, there will be many variants with the Fantastic Four through the ages.


And, there's other big news on the Vertigo Panel that will appeal to fucking nobody but me as Bryan Wood takes a leaf out of the Ocean's 11 book of naming sequels )

Sadly, this won't be another digest sized TPB, but a four issue mini series. I might just trade wait for this one.


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