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Following on from [personal profile] starwolf_oakley discussion about the infamous bat and the window scene, it reminded me of this (which a quick google located for me)... from the pages of Batman 256 and the creative team of Marty Pasko and Pat Broderick.

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A post from the inestimable [personal profile] bluefall on this thread here reminded me of an old post from sd 1.0, which a bit of digging around showed I first posted for Valentimes Day 2009, which was shortly before... the Great Catastrophe. Such a coincidence is not to be overlooked, so here it is again... new and improved for the new decade.

And since this is a calendar-event based crime in Gotham City, who else could the villain be but... Calendar Man! :)

He may be kind of a dork, but but he's never less than creative! )

Cards, crafts and a Robin you can stick your finger up... )
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What do you get when you cross a werewolf with giggling, babbling insanity? Why it's next up on Firestorm's Black Lantern list: The Hyena! (dial-up beware)
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Or: Gerry Conway and his Gender War issues!

The early Gerry Conway had some pretty good stuff. Since she's coming back as a Black Lantern, here's a look at the original Killer Frost. (Roughly 16 pages, poor dial-upper..)
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In the Computo post down the page, [insanejournal.com profile] crinosg requested a look at pre-Crisis Duo Damsel's more seriously handled reaction to the death of her third body.

That's in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1, in which Brainiac 5 uses the Computo technology in an attempt to help a comatose little girl, Danielle Foccart. Results: Predictable - Computo gets loose and takes control of LOSH's all-automated headquarters, whose systems begin attacking the Legionnaires - and locking out any potential help. One page, not my scan.
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One more Doom 2099 post to go after this. Then no more WEEK OF DOOM. But I'm ending it on a high note. The lead-up story to Doom 2099 #25. Doom is looking for clues to his missing time and finds a big piece. However, he runs into an old foe, Tiger Wylde.

From Doom 2099 #22-24. 16 Scans total. Dial-Uppers BEWARE!

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Continuing the WEEK OF DOOM, a look into Doom 2099 special meeting with... Well click to find out. From Doom 2099 #5-6.

Brought to you by the 90s.

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Continuing from my Doom 2099, I decided to post scans from #2-4 from the series. That said there be a lot of scans in here (even under the guidelines). So Dial Uppers beware! For those who dig Henry V there will be much quoting from it. Plus some great Doom moments as he leads a revolt to topple Tiger Wylde.

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