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We continue through the holiday times with a look at a few lonely Christmases, including an odd case of Lois and Clark each in separate stories, both working to defuse suicide attempts.

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2, DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 3 )

Tomorrow: We've seen him learn about Hanukkah, now Kyle has to learn the true meaning of Christmas with the help of his buddy Connor, who doesn't even celebrate it! Also, his other buddy Wally has to learn a similar lesson when trying to find a gift for his wife!

The Wish

May. 12th, 2009 03:49 pm
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Title: "The Wish" (found in Concrete v. 4 - "Killer Smile"; 206 pages)
Creators: Paul Chadwick (art & story)
Availability: In print.

I've been holding off on reposting this for a while, but, happily, it seems to be allowed. :)

Old S_D introduced me to Paul Chadwick's Concrete, and I still occasionally feel that I should thank you guys for that. I adore everything about the book: the thoughtful nature of the protagonist, the fantastic artwork, the humor, and just the wonderful exploration of humanity in general.

And, of course, 100 Horrors, a run of back-up strips in the Concrete volumes which contain some fantastical dark humor delivered in bite-sized chunks. Take this one, for example...

I laugh every time (because I'm a terrible person). These alone make the Concrete volumes worth tracking down.


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