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Probably not the best father/son relationship but here's a scene between Norman Osborn and his father. I may post a Norman/Harry one later but I'm still looking.

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Couldn't think of any specific stories that fit a 10th anniversary, so I figured I'd just repost an old one; a story from Paul Jenkins, who's run on Spider-Man IMO was one of the best.

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'If you go back to the Marvel Knights days, they just handed us the keys to the castle and said, “We really don’t know what to do, go ahead do whatever you want to do.” And that’s what made for really wonderful comics. That’s the attraction.

'I understand the fan appeal of DEATHMATCH would be, “Can the Hulk beat Superman in a fair fight?” They love that stuff.'

- Paul Jenkins

This issue: Not!Batman vs. Not!Iron Man. To the death, as usual.

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"I don't want to work with DC or Marvel, at least not right now. I don't fit into what each publisher wants to do because sadly, we are not judged by the quality of our work as far as the publishers are concerned. We are judged by our our ability to adapt to what they want from us. Most damning is the lack of consequence to any of the stories that can be done right now. I am doing Deathmatch for BOOM! Studios right now, where a bunch of heroes and villains are killing each other. The characters can stay dead. In fact, that is a light-hearted requirement from me to the publisher."

- Paul Jenkins
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"Deathmatch actually comes courtesy of the folks at Boom who approached me with a basic premise: fans are forever talking about the relative power of heroes and villains in comics – what if we actually set that up and let the characters battle it out, tournament-style?

"I took that idea and ran with it, proposing an entire new world of heroes and villains, our own universe that might be presented in the style of, say, Watchmen or Astro City. I miss seeing those kind of rounded, fleshed-out universes."
-- Paul Jenkins

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Sure, we're using the lowest common denominator if you look at it in some ways. It's "Who's the strongest: Hulk or Batman? Who wins?" I'm OK with the relatively visceral examination of "Does Superman beat Batman in a fair right?" -- Paul Jenkins

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'The one concept seeming to generate a ton of interaction between fans is the idea of "Who would beat whom?" There are message boards dedicated to superhero rumbles and so on -- it's really pretty extraordinary the passion these arguments bring forth... So with "Deathmatch," we have committed fully to the idea of fights between characters to the death.' -- Paul Jenkins

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Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos are self-publishing an independent comic series called Fairy Quest using fan-funding methods. Fairy Quest #1 was sold on a limited, convention-only basis a year ago, and the two creators want to reprint it so they can bring it to a wider audience and continue the series.

Fairy Quest #1 - Outlaws

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Paul Jenkins calls this the series Humberto Ramos was born to draw, and I agree. Beneath the cut you'll find their officially released six-page preview (I also got permission from Paul just in case), and here you'll find links to their Kickstarter (fan-funding project page) and FQ homepage if you want to help!
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This week's release of X-Men : Season One made me want to post the last time Marvel did a similar exercise. (Well, I think it's the last one, maybe there were some in between :p).

To quote wikipedia:
Mythos is a six-issue series of one-shot Marvel comic books written by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, each issue is based on the origin story of a particular character or group within Marvel's collective universe.

Jenkins remarked in several promotional interviews that the project was to be used to bridge the gap between the comics and more recent movie adaptations as a means of introducing the new readers with little knowledge of these characters comic histories.

The first Mythos book, Mythos: X-Men #1, was released March 2006 and featured an adapted version of the story first seen in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). However, the themes in the story were slightly altered to match with those that have become the general overall tone of the X-Men comics, with Magneto noting that Cape Citadel is actually a facility being used for anti-mutant purposes during a conversation with Professor Xavier which never took place in the original story which saw Magneto attempt to steal Nuclear Weapons.

Both the date (2006) and the influence of the first X-Men movies are pretty obvious on it. The overall tone is strikingly different from Season One :)

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Greetings, Mortals!

Today I welcome this day by opening another Pandora Box of the DCnU. What you are about to see may produce some shocks into your system as a revelation is done in the newest issue of Batman : The Dark Knight.

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Four pages from DC COMICS PRESENTS 2, starring Deadman (plus a smidge of issue 1 for context)...

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