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Here's some more 1990s stuff about Apocalyse's origin. Aside from what he did to Angel and the AoA alternate timeline, he's never quite been as dangerous as he keeps saying. I think Magneto has killed more people than Apocalypse has.

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Even as a giant sized fight issue, it was really hard to trim this down to an acceptable pic count. Every blow between father and son must be seen.

But rules are rules. (Luckily, this was a giant story that had been set up for years.)

This story puts a lot of emphasis on Bruce Banner's relationship with his abusive father.

(Note, this was a 26 page story. As such, after a little updating, I have uploaded 8 pages.)

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Lifted word for word from BleedingCool:

At the end of the twelve issue series The Fearless, Marvel leave the door open for a possible eight girl squad of super heroines being led by Valkyrie. People wondered if that might be going anywhere.

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Following on from this post, I was reminded of this recently recovered from the depths of a longbox issue.

It's issue 7 of "Superboy and the Ravers". For those unfamiliar with it, The Ravers were an informal team made up of attendees at the "Event Horizon" an interplanetary, teleporting nightspot, where the party NEVER ends, and those who are invited to attend are exclusively young heroes dozens of worlds. Clark had the Legion, Superboy had... these guys.

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Here are two pages from "Incredible Hulks" #621 by Greg Pak and one of my favorite artists - Paul Pelletier! Though I like him better on a cosmic book! Wish he was doing Annihilators!

Looks like this issue is supposed to be read after "Chaos War" #5 as there are spoilers.

Full preview at

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