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'There is room for different expressions of Angelic cultural values. There's probably a conflict between how they view friendship on a societal level, which I suspect might be a kind of Ayn Randian Objectivist view. That might be a hard philosophy of Angels. There might be some Angels who don't believe in friendship versus other ones who have expressions of friendship perhaps not encouraged by the system.

'That's kind of my reading of their system. The more complex readings there are of Angels would be the more interesting one for me.

'We can also look at our relationships. We say our concept of friendship is based on altruism, but we can always ask, "Well how much is it really?"'
-- Kieron Gillen

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"The problem is less what a character wears, and how an artist chooses to frame the images. You can have a girl dressed in the most practical gear in the universe, but if the artist chooses an ass-shot, it’s cheesecake. We’re not doing cheesecake. We’re doing the scariest woman in the galaxy." -- Kieron Gillen

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Certain creators not liking certain characters is nothing new. But sometimes it is hard to tell.
In GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, it certainly seemed Geoff Johns doesn't like Batman. Specifically, the post-Zero Hour Batman. John Stewart said Batman never liked Hal Jordan because Hal wasn't afraid of him. (Because Batman's just that petty.) But let's move on to INFINITE CRISIS.

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Given how... unimpressed I've been by what I've seen of Nightwing #30 (Don't have the issue myself, but there are enough pieces of it poppping around that I've put it together), I thought that rather than complain (well, right now, I might complain later) let's do something a little more positive, so here is Fanart Thursday special!

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"I hope I’m not speaking out of school here, but during at least one point, the ideas got pretty crazy and [co-writer] James [Roberts] and I were talking outside the main room, off by a bathroom in fact, and said he was getting a little… ah… nervous, or worried about the direction things were going.

"And the funny thing was that I’d had that exact same reaction, years ago, about another creative retreat about another event, and I’d had the same moment of talking to somebody outside a bathroom about it. In my case, it was Mark Millar—and he told me not to worry, that these things settle down and the stuff that isn’t working will get tossed out. And he was right. So I told James about that—the way these summits work is like a brain working. There are all kinds of bananas ideas thrown around, and it gets whittled down to the actual story."
-- Dark Cybertron co-writer John Barber, on the nature of creative summits to plan Big Events

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From Savage Wolverine #13,  the second part of a two-part story, dealing with the illegal trafficking in exotic animals, I find I'm torn, between featuring the guest appearance by visiting "Professor Ramsey" at the Jean Grey School. (Honestly, Americans will call ANYONE Professor, won't they?) and a rather diverting confrontation between Logan and Tyger Tiger as they debate the ethics of contraband.

Phil Jimenez is on art and Phil and Scott Lope (Apparently he'd be known to some as Host of Wild Animal Repo on Discovery Channel) on writing duties.
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'Sometimes, a crossover is just a label for a story so big that it involves a range of characters from multiple books. With "Dark Cybertron," the fact that these disparate characters are meeting each other again is a story in itself. And that, I think, is what makes it a 'proper' crossover. "More than Meets the Eye" and "Robots in Disguise" have led separate lives for two years, and now they're crashing into each other.' -- James Roberts

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Well, thanks DCnU.

Just one more potential coulda-been that we will not experience... at least not in this universe.

Courtesy of

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Apr. 7th, 2012 07:06 pm
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Last issue, at the guidance of a bottle imp, Ali Baba found Briar Rose and gave her true love's kiss.

Fortunately, this means she's now awake again.

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The London Super Comics Convention was the first comic convention I've attended in many, many years, and aside from the Stan Lee panel appearance (Where he proved he can still work a room like few others, even if the less than ideal acoustics meant that every question had to be repeated to him by the chap sitting next to him) Artists Alley was the place I'd be found.

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