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Been about a week and I still can't believe no one's posted this yet. I'm sad to see this book go and I probably won't be picking up the Marvel NOW spin-offs, because Remender's run was so good that I can't see the other two titles coming close to this. There were more than four pages that I wanted to post, but I posted these four since it's one of the moments I really wanted to happen. Let's just say, I'd read a Deadpool title if it was with this Wade. But I have a feeling that the new Deadpool title will gloss over the growth that Remender showed for Deadpool during his UXF run. In any case, I'll let the scans speak for themselves. The set-up. Uncanny X-Force just prevented the world from being destroyed by the new Apocalypse (I won't say how, but Deadpool is pivotal to the outcome), and Deadpool and Evan (the Apocalypse clone) have a talk about what's happened. Enjoy!

Glad you didn't make the fart joke, Wade. )
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Nobody reported it yet?
Alright, I'll do it!

Dark Horse Comics' gonna bring back Ghost this year!
Ghost, that's right!
Remember her?

Dark Horse will launch a new series featuring Elisa Cameron this summer.
She's back, reimagined for 2012! )
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This morning, when I was out in town, the thought popped into my head that somewhere on my bookcase was the Q Magazine special on R.E.M. circa Reveal that included a picture of Michael Stipe as Blackagar Boltagon )
But I can't just post that on its own, so I'll need a few other things to bulk it up. Like Phil Noto's photo-essay on live in the 60s Marvel Universe. )

And while I went through his tumblr to find the pictures, I found bundles of other cool stuff there too.  )
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The Dollhouse: Epitaphs one-shot came out this week, and thanks to the joys of insomnia, I'm bringing you four pages from it plus a lovely Phil Noto variant cover.

You may recall I posted a bit of the mini-comic that came in the Dollhouse season 2 box set back here, and it wouldn't hurt you to have another look at that since the first few pages of the one-shot are a repackaging of those scenes. From there we move on to "Two weeks later," and Maggie and Griffin decide they and an older man have to move out from their building and find other survivors. It's bad, and the older man makes the mistake of approaching a fireman for help. The fireman rips his throat out, but shots from a Hummer kill the fireman, and the driver - Zone - rescues Maggie and Griffin.

Trust no one. )

So what y'all think? Got potential?


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