Huck #4

Mar. 17th, 2016 12:03 am
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"I wanted to create a ‘feel-good comic’ like Forrest Gump and ET and The Goonies and It’s a Wonderful Life are ‘feel-good movies’ and I want to see the impossibly-likeable Channing Tatum as Huck and Rihanna as the beautiful girl in town he’s too shy to talk to.

I want to remind everyone that we didn’t get into this game, didn’t dress up as these characters as kids, because they were so miserable and bad-ass and violent and cruel. We loved them because they were KIND and, deep down, I think we’re hungry for that right now just a few months before we see Superman throttle Batman or Captain America beat the Bejesus out of Iron Man while cinema audiences watch, wondering why the good guys went so bad. Huck is the antidote to the antihero and it’s going to be an interesting experiment this week. In the words of every great comic-book, to be continued..."

- Mark Millar


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Huck #1

Dec. 16th, 2015 02:49 am
[personal profile] history79

"It’s a guy who’s just really pure and really decent, and the Captain America idea of just helping you out, that very idealistic idea of what it means to be an American.
As a kid I wanted to be American because it seemed really forward-looking, and the projection of America, certainly in movies and comics, seemed obviously really glamorous. I kind of liked the idea of that, that ‘truth, justice and the American way’ kind of thing, but just stretched right out to its simplest form.
I wanted to create almost an American folk hero."

- Mark Millar

"Comics lately are being more and more dark, and more and more gritty, and the heroes are more and more anti-heroes, much more so than the classic heroes, and I don’t really remember if I had the chance to work on such an optimistic and pure character before."

- Rafael Albuquerque

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The one that ended X's Better Off Dead arc this August, between the book's titular protagonist and the evident major antagonist of the Dark Horse line it's a part of (Project Black Sky, which's basically several superhero books set in a shared universe that's like a less somber Planetary), was well done as a battle between someone with superpowers and someone without.

It'd begun in this August's issue #15, with X's crashing a meeting between the two men whose forces'd been at war with each other across the city of Arcadia: the astrologically fixated mobster Carmine Tango and the very wealthy foreigner Peter Winter. The latter'd just beaten the former, having gotten him to drink poisoned wine and induced his loyal second-in-command to turn traitor, and was about to learn everything he knew about X..

.. when in came the vigilante in question through the window of the restaurant they were in, sword in hand.

(Before I go any further, a heads up: there's some explicit violence under the cut.)

Well, sword in one hand and unfortunate henchman of Winter's in the other.. but that guy didn't even show up on the next page, so.. )
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Well, October has rolled around, so it looks like it might be a good time to return to American Vampire! This time we are introduced to Cash McCogan and Felicia Book, both of whom will be important in the future stories in the series...
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