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"I've always really liked them. I'm the one that pitched a Bobby and Sam in Mojoworld book and it got made." - Jonathan Hickman when asked why Sunspot and Cannonball were added to the team

Marvel's newest, latest Avengers title begins...

Avengers World #1, plus the title's teaser from the All-New Marvel NOW Point One one-shot )
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"He's got a little bit of a sense of humor, and he's tough again. You can knock him down, and he'll get up. I think the best thing that it's done ultimately is to get rid of that weird emo Superman that was around for a long time. He was constantly fighting against using his powers and was kind of angst-driven. There are so many great characters in comics that are angst-driven that we don't need Superman to be one was well. If anything great has come out of this for the future of how Superman is done, I think it's that the current Superman is proactive and Clark Kent's a little more feisty. And I think the character relationships have been busted up a bit too, and it's more fun because of that." -- Grant Morrison on his New 52 take on Superman

Here are four pages from Action Comics #18, Morrison's final issue, in which he once again manages to distill the essence of Superman and show us what its all about...

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Okay, by his very existence, Alfred Pennyworth generates a pretty much permanent cloud of Awesome, but I do like this sequence from the Tomasi run of Nightwing...

Nightwing #148 )
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Four more pages from the this week's thiry-page long ACTION COMICS #12...

Last issue, after Clark Kent was caught in a deadly explosion, Superman decided to let the world believe Clark was dead and moved on to a new secret identity, firefighter Johnny Clark.

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Previously, in ACTION COMICS...

That was all the way back in issue 6, when the time-traveling Legion of Superheroes paid a visit. Whatever were they talking about? In the latest two issues of ACTION, we've begun getting answers...

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Seeing the makeshift Superman outfit from the new Action Comics #1 bugged me for a while. I couldn't really place it for ages, though I knew that I'd seen something similar elsewhere.

The other day, the thought came to me: The Sentry. Not the yellow and blue costumed version, or the Golden Age version, or the Fabio that appeared in New Avengers, but the one from Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee's original miniseries (avoid the second mini).

Of course, if you already know The Sentry's story, that takes a lot away from the reading experience.

The Sentry is the story of a hero that the world forgot about, coming back into existence. Many people think that he's mentally ill, until they too remember him.

Even though his story ended up very convoluted, and he was unusable in New Avengers (though I'm going to post his scenes with Emma Frost later on this week) and he was the big baddie in Siege and his memorial issue was awful, we'll always have this neat scene here.

Superman )
The Sentry takes flight )


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