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Greetings, JLI/JLE fans! I bring you three pages from the just released JLGL 23.

You may recall last issue, Jaime revealed the ultimate object of Max's plan was to kill Wonder Woman. So Bat!Bruce and the gang tracked Nu!Diana down, only to be set upon by Max's OMAC army.

This ish: the OMACs open a teleportation portal which carries Nu!Di and the gang, minus Atom, Peej and Bats, to what appears to be Los Angeles. Max and Ivo are in a...flying rook? craft above, and they launch something toward the gang.

Incoming! )

On another note, I must say Nu!Diana looks gorgeous in this issue.
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Since it's Awesome New Females week I bring you a bit of Carmilla Black the Stinging Scorpion from her appearances in Captain Universe/X-23 and Avengers the Initiative.
Page count
Captain Universe/X-23 (2 pages)
Avengers The Initiative #24 (3 pages)

She's a strange gal at times... )
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This has been mentioned a few other times, but I finally remembered to look for the issue.

So here it is ladies and gents, Zachary Zatara chained to a pillar, at the mercy of Mirabai the Forlorn.

My little Z... )

suggested tags:
char: zatara/zachary zatara
char: mirabai the forlorn
title: superman
creator: james robinson
creator: fernando dagnino
creator: raul fernandez
creator: blond


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