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The athleticism of Nightwing or Nightcrawler would be fun, though technically neither of those are powers, but skills they work very, very hard to perfect and I'm way too lazy to be able to keep that sort of physique up..

Teleportation would be pretty damned awesone, flight would be nearly as great and telekinesis can be amazingly versatile...

However... there are two powers I'd want to possess, and they reside in the same body...

Doug Ramsey always had, in his old appearance, two distinct super-powers, one was omnilingualism, and the other was that rarest of gifts;

Genre savvy common sense )

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Warning - This story does NOT show Doug Ramsey at his best, he's under a lot of stress and all but there is at least one action I shall not even attempt to defend.


Permissions slips at Xavier's Academy must have been a hoot and a half

"Please allow Dani to visit a Dyson Sphere in another sector of the Galaxy"

"A cultural trip to Asgard is planned, please sign below to permit Amara to attend"

or perhaps best of all, every middle class parent's idea of a perfect night out...

A chaperoned social event is being held at the Hellfire Club... please sign to permit Douglas to attend )
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(Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith, who did a run of NM covers)

This story comes just after the arc where the New Mutants had temporarily joined the Hellions as part of a scheme by Emma Frost (then still full on evil member of the Hellfire Club) to get them on her side and demoralise Magneto, then the Headmaster of Xaviers), the team had recovered and some had headed home to spend time with their folks.

Warning, this post contains violence towards sadistic psychopaths... well A sadistic psychopath )
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The latest issue of SUPERMAN is set during the post-Infinite Crisis period when Superboy (Conner Kent) was dead. (In fact, that's when it was originally written, five years ago, but for reasons they never revealed, DC canned the issue despite it being fully scripted and penciled already.)

Four pages from SUPERMAN 712... )
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Due to the previous two issues of the new Batgirl series seem to have Oracle being... somewhat abrasive towards the title character, I've decided to post this (trunkated) story where Barbara is mean to Cass as well.
A bit from Batgirl 54 and 67 )
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I've been meaning to post these for a while now - one of my favourite Nightwing action sequences.

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Now to do an overview of Stephanie's time with the BoP ( I was going to couple it with Cass, but decided to post that seperately...it got too long.)

Steph as a member of the BoP was rife with potential ( and bluefall has an awesome fic centering around the ideal in progress). But it was sadly cut short as soon as Dixon left the book. Gail sort of used Charlie as a Steph substitute (heck, she went out of the way to have Babs compare Charlie to Steph) so we see a little of how nifty it could have been. I mean, Steph and Dinah share a similar attitude, they're both postive, snarky independent women to think on their feet. And they are both made of awesome, of course.

Meanwhile, Babs sees a lot of her younger Steph (self starter, doesn't care what Batman thinks, ridiculously determined, insinuating herself into what's mainly a "boys club", fun loving, has the hots for a Robin) and it clearly makes her VERY uncomfortable, which is most effectively demonstrated in Joker's Last Laugh when Babs basically flips out at Steph and is like "You take things more seriously, or you will die". (Babs is psychic)

And if Steph had more interaction with Huntress- well, two black sheep with criminal families and disdain towards the "no kill" rule- the paralells are gold, and that Cataclysm thing only brushed the surface of that potential.


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