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It was posthumously done, by his great-great-grandson.

It was narrated by that " playboy industrialist " of the same name and heard by the Watcher-stand-in of 2005's series of What If stories, a talented hacker who'd set up his computer to make multiversal TCP/IP connections.

(Presumably, he's either interning for AIM or been interned by ARMOR since.)

The latter'd found the former's work by looking to see if Daredevil was on Earth-717 as he was on 616.

He found that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen apparently wasn't- instead, the Devil Who Dares had definitely been.

He hadn't been Matt Murdock. )
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I admit that I've only read a fraction of Alan Moore's vast library of work (having just purchased the V for Vendetta TPB yesterday), and pretty much none of his seminal Swamp Thing run. I did, however, stumble on this little scene from Swamp Thing #53, and while it's not romance in the traditional sense... well, I don't think Moore would ever want to celebrate Valentine's Day in a less off-kilter way.

Remember, kids. St. Valentine's beheading is meant to be celebrated by couples of all kinds (except the abusive ones). Don't forget that, lest Moore's beard pull you down into the darkest depths of Hell.

God, I wish Moore had written more of Batman. )
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I know there are many fellow s_d members who loved Alan Moore's Supreme series from the late '90s. You all know how the story ended in a cliffhanger, the publisher going belly up before Moore's last issue came out, wrapping his run. You've probably heard how Erik Larsen is going to finally draw the final Moore-penned script. It's not Chris Sprouse, but it'll do! Frankly, I'm just hoping that's an excuse for new, quality TPBs.

But until that happens, here's a reminder of the last issue published, when Supreme had a chat with Jack freakin' Kirby!

Read more... )
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By request. Seven pages and a panel under the cut.Read more... )

Suggested tags: title: swamp thing, publisher: dc, creator: alan moore, creator: john totleben, creator: rick veitch, char: swamp thing/alec holland, char: john constantine, genre: horror
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Sometimes, they're cool, like the gun he designed to kill Swamp Thing.

Sometimes, they're terrible, like the kryptonite cage he cleverly disguised to " [capture] Superboy through his sheer dumbness! "

Sometimes, they're just plain WTF, like the jetpack he built out of a fast food place's kitchen.

And sometimes, as in Rick Veitch's Question..  )


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