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I know there are many fellow s_d members who loved Alan Moore's Supreme series from the late '90s. You all know how the story ended in a cliffhanger, the publisher going belly up before Moore's last issue came out, wrapping his run. You've probably heard how Erik Larsen is going to finally draw the final Moore-penned script. It's not Chris Sprouse, but it'll do! Frankly, I'm just hoping that's an excuse for new, quality TPBs.

But until that happens, here's a reminder of the last issue published, when Supreme had a chat with Jack freakin' Kirby!

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Suggested tags: title: swamp thing, publisher: dc, creator: alan moore, creator: john totleben, creator: rick veitch, char: swamp thing/alec holland, char: john constantine, genre: horror
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Sometimes, they're cool, like the gun he designed to kill Swamp Thing.

Sometimes, they're terrible, like the kryptonite cage he cleverly disguised to " [capture] Superboy through his sheer dumbness! "

Sometimes, they're just plain WTF, like the jetpack he built out of a fast food place's kitchen.

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