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"The children of the 90’s have grown up and I’m not talking of the characters but of you the consumers and fans. As I travel the country and am greeted with the enthusiasm and energy you have for the early Image era, I am thrilled to continue the adventures of these characters that shaped your youth!" - Rob Liefeld

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X-FORCE #4 was done in 1991 and takes place in the World Trade Center, which has been taken over by Black Tom Cassidy. How awkward.

Anyway, a confrontation between Cable and Black Tom Cassidy shows that Cable had a certain reputation during the 1990s that "bled over" to other characters.

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"Bloodstrike is more mature and irreverent than ever before, because these are the ideas and concepts that I have for the book and I don't want to be censored on any level. The stories and entertainment that I consume is more mature nowadays, I can't stomach standard network fare and I don't want to produce comics that are "safe" either."

- Rob Liefeld

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"His balding, paunchy critics will bleat about his figure-work, his crazy layouts and poses just too exciting for their tiny brains to comprehend, but these are exactly the same slobs who would have lashed Kirby in his lost decade, castigating The King as too cartoony in an era that only carved Adams-inspired-photo-realism. If you want to appreciate how good Rob truly is, then wave his books under the noses of that audience mainstream audience comics long forgot. These pages are like catnip to the kids and and it's no surprise that he remains the biggest-selling artist of his generation." - Mark Millar (quote from the Hardcover, Remastered Version of Youngblood... pretty sure he's joking)

Warning: This comic may be a bit too radical and early 90's for you.

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Oh man! I can't believe I almost forgot about this. Image put out their solicits last week for their upcoming books in July. This was one jump out at me like a sorethumb.

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Millar and Quitely's Jupiter's Legacy #1 had superheroes say how their powers doesn't mean they know how to balance a budget. That reminded me of a moment from an old AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL where Peter Parker wonders about his powers and society's ills. Also, lot of 1980s hair.

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I saw this on the web and just had to share it with scans_daily.

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Newsarama has the solicits for most of the Justice League related items for July 2012.

Some stuff feel like the old DCU "telephoning it in" work, and there is this particular.... piece.... that continues to reflect the darker trend DCnU is taking.

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