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"When I pitched the book, one of the things I was most adamant about was that someone had to get it in the most simple way possible. Because it’s called “Suicide Squad.” There’s this thing called the promise of the premise. You have to pay that off. Initially, I just figured I’d kill off Captain Boomerang. I didn’t exactly have the highest regard for him as a character. But the longer I wrote him, I grew to genuinely love the guy..." - Rob Williams

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'I was told that Deadshot, Harley [Quinn] and [Captain] Boomerang were the core, and I had to use them. Apart from them, I was told I could have anyone I wanted out of the usual roster of the Suicide Squad. So we went through a few conversations and a few suggestions, a few characters were not back and it came together. No-one said, “you have to do the movie line-up” but we did talk about it and thought it might be a good idea.' - Rob Williams

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"Dearly beloved is doing a b/g rewatch of Star Trek: The Next Generation while she works. I now realise I see Doctor Who as basically Q-in-a-box." -- Si Spurrier

"The main challenge I find writing Smith is not to over-write him. He lends himself to train of thought dialogue. Things occurring to him in an instant. Jokes, ideas. He is almost too easy to write dialogue for, which is a problem in itself. You look at a page of script and there's a tonne of dialogue there, and it might be very good dialogue, but comics are a visual medium. If you have a page filled with voice balloons, it's going to be a dull-looking book." -- Rob Williams

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"With a little extra insight under our belts we discovered that what started out as an amusingly non-pompous, non-thoughtful, non-sensible foil to the Doctor's more machiavellian excesses was recast as a surprisingly complicated and weirdly relatable character. Sure, he's a psycho-killer with a sword, but he's also an eternal victim who's turned his loss and pain into rocket-fuel to keep him going." -- Si Spurrier

Well, Titan Comics finally made their Free Comic Book Day offering available digitally, so I finally have a chance to read and post this...

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Unfollow #4

Mar. 9th, 2016 08:17 pm
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"UNFOLLOW is a masterpiece. Rob Williams and his art team have created something here that is as imaginative as an Oscar winning film, but is believable enough to be a documentary." - FanboysInc, quote on the cover.

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Mike Dowling
Colorist: Quinton Winter

Warning for violence.

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