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You may have seen this image in the recent past...

The context is a bit different, of course, so you may just want to linger here for a while.

While there's no homophobia or abuse in the images I've selected, there is in the full story. 2 pages of 6 from 2000AD Prog 1817.

Judge Dredd is not a fan of the Suburbs. )

And that's the story.

Your thoughts and comments?
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3 months in, and my how the tables have turned.

With DCnU relaunch and the domination of most of their titles across the comic book distrubutors, the mighty House of Ideas is feeling the blows. Here is a list of the titles that will be cancelled and/or will never see the light of day after February 2012.

ComicBookResources has the article discussing the latest on the growing line of titles to fall.

In Memorandum.  )
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Okay this is seven pages from Ironman Alpha and 14(this sucker is giant sized)from Iron Age one so this will be a good one.
I am mainly posting the first part to give some context to the 14 pages of Iron Age 1 though you get to see luke cage and danny rand, but both books are great reads. Tony goes back in time and in ironage one he goes to classic bronze age avengers where he meets his younger self, almost beats the crap out of his own friends, sees the wasp alive again, nearly gets raped(mentally) by Eros of Titan, battles ultron, and more importantly givess hope to a friend who needs it the most.

I really enjoyed this story when it came out(4.99 I better enjoy it),but my store never got any copies of the second issue. This book has felt like a dream come true for us ironman fans who you know miss seeing ironman in the spotlight dealing with grand scale stuff(not that I have not been enjoying Fractions run, but its good to get shellhead in the obscure adventure where he kicks ass now and again).

Read more... )
This one was a long one and the art by Weeks makes it even more awesome. Also seriously who thought Eros of titan was a good idea.
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This short piece is brought to you at the request of [personal profile] twomasks who asked for "more Judge Dredd." The bad news is that most of the classic Judge Dredd stories are only six pages long, and even this longer piece is only ten pages. So, what can we fit in 3 1/3rds pages? As it happens, everything up to the introduction of the main character of the story. So, from Judge Dredd Megazine #298:

Someone finally figures out what all those 'ends in a bloodbath' plot descriptions adds up to... )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Greetings True Believers!

Here are some scans from Deadpool Team-Up #887. DP meets the Mighty Thor and shenanigans ensue!

It was a very amusing issue, enjoy!

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