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Here's another one of my favorite New Bloods. I can't say his look was all too appealing to me but his powers were a lot of fun and much like with Myriad I'm a fan of giving villains other heroes to fight. Eclipso for example has always just had himself (Bruce Gordon his host) or Spectre as a main villain for the most part barring stories like the current JLA arc where he fights everyone in the DCU for some reason.

Plus it was fun seeing some the New Bloods team up this issue.

16 pages from a 48 page story (it's a shame this one was shorter than the others)

Without further ado, meet Linus Powell! )

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Barry Allen, the Flash, is widely held to have had the best ever death for a comic character. He died saving the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths and afterward became a legendary figure in the DC Universe. His death was revisited a number of times by DC writers over the years before he was finally brought back to life.

I'd like to share a couple of these stories, showing Barry's last moments from his point of view.
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Back in the post-Zero Hour Legion of Super-Heroes continuity, there was an abortive intended plot in which Invisible Kid was going to be dating a guy named Condo Arlik, who in the previous continuity was the Legionnaire Chemical King. Sadly, it went no further on the page than a single mysterious note, and after that we never even saw Condo again. But why were the writers thinking of pairing those characters up in the first place? Well, it goes back to the original Legion...

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Suggested tags: group: legion of super-heroes, char: invisible kid/lyle norg, char: chemical king/condo arlik, creator: paul levitz, creator: robert loren fleming, publisher: dc comics
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I managed to find my seven issues of Thriller--I dropped the title when Robert Loren Fleming left the book--and have assembled a few character shots of Tony Salvotini, a/k/a "Salvo" of the Seven Seconds.

To give you the Wiki-based character description, Tony Salvotini was a former mercenary soldier and member of the U.S. Marines' rapid Deployment Force. After mistakenly killing an innocent man, Salvo vowed to never again shoot to kill. He would instead only wound his targets.
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If people are interested and the mods permit it, I can scan some more when time permits.


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