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They've helped him to both find and fight things out in the course of his heroic career.

In two other universes, they've helped him do those things in the service of more villainous ideals.

One of those universes has a Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman. The other has the Age of Apocalypse. )
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Since it was my idea, I really should make a contribution for the My First week. It isn't going to be too interesting for me to write about the first comics that I read, since they're collections of Peanuts, or Calvin and Hobbes or Asterix or Tintin that I devoured at the time, but don't have any abiding affinity for. My first dips into ongoing DCU and Marvel titles were with Civil War and 52, but I'm going to write about my first ongoing solo book. It's also the book that gave me my favourite character and one that I've actually identified with.
We are, of course, at Ms. Marvel #12 )
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Because I am insufferably cool, I bought myself a hip t-shirt - Threadless'Every night I have the same dream )
The shirt also happily reminds me of Ms. Marvel vs. the Targoths )Still, this story is one that I will explore more of in the future. Like... the first week of March?

** Don't ask me why it's Issue 3 vol.1 and not Vol.1 issue 3
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I've done a series of little Ms. Marvel vignettes with some cool bits from her second solo series.

The main reason why I'm into Carol is based on her life post House of M, leading into her Best of the Best arc.

Carol Danvers is an alcoholic. She's stuck as a B or C-list Avenger, just pottering about in the superhero leagues. She spends her free time on the couch, watching old movies and eating Ben and Jerry's. Her life is not going the way that she intended.

Then, Wanda Maximoff recreates the world and Carol Danvers arrives in the the House of M (which is probably my favourite Marvel "event" since the event cycle started). Carol is the number 1 sapien superhero in the world. Captain Marvel is successful and popular. She's got everything that she ever wanted.

But that was yesterday )
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Four scans from Daredevil #504.

Read more... )

char: daredevil/matt murdock, char: black tarantula/carlos lamuerta, char: white tiger/angela del toro, char: lady bullseye/maki matsumoto, title: daredevil, creator: andy diggle, creator: roberto de la torre
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One of the things I've been missing in Invincible Iron Man, is how skillfully De La Torre and the Knaufs could build up dramatic tension, and then have the book just explode into a great action sequence. It's hard to present them here, because they sometimes take up half an issue or more. That's usually something that irritates me - why spend 12 pages on punching, when you could condense it to 3? But in DoS, where the pace is more measured, where the tension builds and builds for issues, a long fight sequence is welcome. So I'll just throw up some pages and hope you can grok the awesome from my meager offering. From Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #28, the big throw down between Iron Man and Mandarin, after Tony discovers that Mandarin plans to give the entire world the extremis treatment. Shockingly, just in the nick of time! Mandarin is ready to launch missiles, carrying an airborne version of the enhancile.

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Comic art that recreates or references famous paintings and sculptures, like the Wolverine Art Appreciation covers, or this page by Roberto De La Torre. Help me SDers, you're my only hope! (Ok, not my only hope, but help me anyway).


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