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One of the great artists over at Antarctic Press, Rod Espinosa, last year put out a one-shot story called 'Steampunk Snow White' as part of AP's 'steampunk' line.

But really, 'Steampunk Snow White' is a bit of a misnomer.

No, it should be called 'Steampunk Wuxia Snow White,' for her Kung Fu is superior!

Steampunk and Martial Arts within! )

6 pages from Steampunk Snow White by Rod Espinosa.
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Sometimes Antarctic Press likes to do stuff which is weird. Sometimes those weird things are awesome :) Such is the case with Steampunk Fairytails #1 and the first chapter of Fairyland Apocalypse.

In 1899, Baba Yaga was providing fire support... )
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My previous Neotopia posts seem to have gone over well, so I thought I'd do one last as a bonus :)

Most of the previous scans have been from volume one or the very start of two (out of four), but instead of following the story directly any more, these'll be individual scans from volumes 2-4 designed to tease the heck out of you.

Scans from volumes 2-4 behind cut )

Part 5
Part 4
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1

Suggested tags:
title: Neotopia
Creator: Rod Espinosa
publisher: Antarctic Press
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Where we last left Grand Duchess Nylandia Akarnan, she was... yea, she was kicking ass

Or... was she?

The truth behind the facade behind the cut! )

recommended tags:
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Creator: Rod Espinosa
Title: Neotopia
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Neotopia is a fantasy comic written/drawn by Rod Espinosa a few years ago. It has *Skyships*.

I plan on making a few posts from it, but I thought I'd start small and introduce the main character :)

Three pages from Neotopia part 1 issue 1 )

Recommended tags:
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Creator: Rod Espinosa
Series: Neotopia


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