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This should surprise no one who's familiar with my posts in this community, nor, really, anyone who pays attention to my username.

I. Love. The. Joker. Always have, probably always will.

Now, I'm fully aware of the "Batman/the police/some civilian should totally kill this asshole Villain Sue!" sentiment on many corners of the Internet, and I can understand them. Hell, in some ways, I emphasize with them. For the last ten or fifteen years, the man who once proudly called himself the Clown Prince of Crime has been headed down a pretty steep slide into mindless, humorless violence (interspersed with those obnoxious events that shove themselves in our faces and scream "SEE! SEE? THE JOKER IS BATMAN'S #1 VILLAIN AGAIN! HE'S NO LAUGHING MATTER NOW, BABY!"), and if anything, the DCnU and Scott Snyder have only exacerbated it.

And yet... and yet, no matter how low his low points get, they can never quite cancel out the highs. Perhaps those high points will never return, but even if that's so, he's already got plenty under his belt for us to peruse at our leisure.

Besides, I just can't hate a face like this.

The Best of the J-Man, behind the cut! )
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Four pages from the latest issue of Snarked...

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And in other Roger Langridge news, if some small part of you has still been holding onto to the slimmest of slim hopes that Marvel might one day revive the short-lived Thor, the Mighty Avenger... you can finally give it up. Langridge made public today his decision to no longer do any work for Marvel or DC because of their unethical practices.

He's joining a growing number of creators who've made that decision and can no longer in good conscience work for the Big Two because of their shameful treatment towards past creators and their heirs. "I was writing the last issue of John Carter when the news came that Marvel had won a lawsuit against the heirs of Jack Kirby... Pretty much then I figured I should finish the script I was writing and move on." Wow.
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Early last month, [personal profile] icon_uk brought us news of a 100-page hardback called "Jim Henson's The Storyteller", due out from Archaia Comics in September this year.

Today via the tumblr of Nate Cosby, the person behind the project, I can bring you some work-in-progress interior art.

Here are two of the four pieces he's put online )

The other two (a piece by Jennifer Meyer for a story by Marjorie Liu and a piece by Tom Fowler for a story by Jeff Parker) are at this post on Cosby's tumblr. And stay tuned there if you're interested in possibly seeing the final cover art (which he describes as "GORGEOUS") soon.
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Greetings True Believers!

Oh, how I shall miss this series.

It was too fun, too cute and too happy.

Here are the final pages, Tony big pimpin' and a nice message from the creators.

Remember this series and recommend it to all!

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Greetings True Believers!

Thor: The Mighty Avenger continues to slay all with cuteness and love. Why!!! Why are they canceling this series?!?!??

Why can't we have nice things?


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Hey everyone! By now you might've heard that Thor: The Mighty Avenger is being cancelled with January's #8. With so delightful a title, the fans are up in arms about trying to save it, but many of us have been left wondering "How?"

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are four scans from Thor: The Mighty Avenger #5. This series continues to be one of the best things Marvel puts out.

Loki being a rascal.

Thor and Jane being adorable.

Namor not being a dick!


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Greetings True Believers!

Here are scans from Thor The Mighty Avenger #4. THIS BOOK IS TOO AWESOME.

Seriously, this is my favorite title right now. I bow before Langridge and Samnee.

Why is this issue awesome? Warriors Three, Volstagg, Thor, bar-fight, lost gods, Volstagg, Captain Britain, British Stiff Upper Lip, art, Volstagg!


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Got my issue of Thor the Mighty Avenger #3 in the mail, in which Gi(Ant) Man and Wasp come to investigate the death of Doctor Stephens, Hank's old mentor who was killed last issue. What do you get when you combine retro costumes and art style with Marvel-Adventures-Style-Adorkable and gently snarky references to 616-angst? This.

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Greetings True Believers!

I bring you four scans from Thor, The Mighty Avenger #2. This series continues to bowl me over with teh cute.

Watch as Jane Foster continues to introduce Thor to a modern Midgard. Enjoy!

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are a couple of scans from Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1. I found the whole issue to be delightful. It's What-Ifish and very fun. Plus the art is wonderful.


Suggested Tags: char: thor odinson/donald blake, char: jane foster, title: thor, creator: roger langridge, creator: chris samnee, publisher: marvel comics

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AintitCool has a preview up for issue 4 of BOOM!s new Muppet Show title...

Which will, as you can see, maintain the traditional high standards of cultural enlightenment that the Muppet Show always aspired to.

God help us all...

And speaking of deities.... )

Tags: title: the muppet show, char: the muppets, creator: roger langridge, creator: amy mebberson
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Suggested tags: subject: jack t. chick, genre: parody,creator: andrew langridge, creator: roger langridge, title: art d'ecco, publisher: fantagraphics, char: kitsch, savior: Jesus, theme: anti-chick


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