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A little trivia bit: a while back DC had an event called "This issue: Batman dies" across the Bat-titles which basically amounted to villains fantasizing about killing the Dark Knight. The issue of Gotham Knights was told from the perspective of Victor Zsasz but the issue was pulled at the last minute because it was too gory. Recently the artist posted some of the pages on his Facebook here.

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Those that did not survive DCnU fallout have begun popping up elsewhere. article and some art as Roger takes on another project for the House of Ideas.

My personal recommendation for image of the week.

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There's this scene from Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive that I have been wanting to post for a small eternity now, but couldn't find even though I searched through my collection of the issues. So you can imagine my surprise and delight today, as I was looking for another scene from the crossover, when I stumbled across the scene in question and found out that the reason I couldn't find it before was because I thought it belonged to another part of the crossover. So anyway, finally I am able to share this scene of Bruce Wayne showing why he is the personification of badassitude in the DCU. And as always, this scene might not be for everyone's taste, so be forewarned.

The scene requires very little knowledge of BW: M/F, although as a huge fan of that crossover I would recommend it to anyone interested. The basic idea is that after Bruce Wayne was framed for a murder so well even members of the Batclan started doubting it, Batman decided the civilian identity was taking too much attention and time, and decided to ditch it, cutting ties to the clan along it. It's a great story that examines Bruce Wayne's importance and role in the Bat-mythos as a separate entity of Batman. Anyhow, during that period of time Batman became aware of a drug smuggling operation in Gotham involving a goverment agency, Checkmate to be precise, as it hadn't gone international at that point. So in Gotham Knights 31, written by Devin Grayson and illustrated by the magnificent Roger Robinson, we follow Batman as he tracks down the agent responsible for the operation, one agent Amherst. While we see this, we follow the narration of the said agent.

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Oracle makes a brief guest appearance in Part Two of "Better Off Dead"...

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[personal profile] arbre_rieur which I mean someone just as full of themselves as he is.

Four pages from The Web #6, which begins the Better Off Dead story arc...

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title: the web, publisher: dc comics
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In a few posts here at the comm there has been some discussion of classism in comic books, which of course means that some commenters have taken aim at Batman, or Bruce Wayne, once more. It isn't the first time I've discussion or such commentary on how Batman could do so much more for Gotham with his money instead of playing with gadgets, although I'm always amused how those comments always single Batman out. The reason, however, why I'm always a bit puzzled by that criticism is that it isn't as if it hasn't been dealt with in the Bat-books themselves, with it having been established several times that Bruce Wayne is the biggest philanthropist in Gotham, if not even in the whole world, and the Wayne Foundation is a significant benefactor in several charity project. It's not a secret, it's not a loose, it's canon. It's been dealt with several times, even if Morrison did drop that really weird dialogue in his storyline.

The discussion did however remind me of an awesome Batman story published in Gotham Knights 32, written by Devin Grayson with art from Roger Robinson. It takes place directly Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive, with Bruce Wayne having finally returned to Gotham after his innocence has been proven and with Batman having made peace with who he is. It was an interesting storyline and important one leading from NML, where Bruce Wayne failed to save Gotham, despite trying everything. It is a beatiful issue, with each page showing a moment in his life and the impact both Bruce Wayne and Batman have on Gotham, with both of them being as important. So I thought I would post some pages from the story, with it proving extremely difficult to choose which pages to include. I decided to go with scenes that show the long-term impact Bruce has on the city and the lives of different people there, although the story had beautiful moments concerning his relationship with almost all of the central Bat-Clan and awesome Bat-action.

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Yaseen101 requested some scenes of Bruce-not-being-unbearable to Steph. I can think of like 4 instances in total, because the majority of Steph/Bruce interactions are by Chuck Dixon, Jon Lewis and Bill Willingham, all members of the Batdick family. The first one is in Green Arrow #5, but I found Steph really, really annoying there, what with the snarking after every. Single. Line. The second one is here, by Devin Grayson and Roger Robinson in the excellent Batman: Gotham Knights series. This issue is #22.

The issue, a tie-in to "Joker's Last Laugh", begins with a man being eaten by cochroaches who form a body identical to his. Barbara points out how Bruce has recently alienated every member of his family , so he'll need to call in the reserves for help.

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I've had my six hours of sleep, so I'm back to wrap this bit up with a few scans from Gotham Knights #'s 38 and 39, the only time a writer other than Rucka referred to the pairing in the DCU.


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