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This flashback from AVENGERS #266 is a great Namor moment. I'd call it "cool," except it involves hot lava.

Lava dehydrates you )

Cold Fire!

Jul. 1st, 2013 09:17 pm
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The run-up to the Independence Day holiday seems like a good time to post some Captain America stories, don't you think? I'm not sure if we've posted the classic "Cap for President" story from Captain America #250 on this community, so instead let's have the next two issues, guest-starring a favorite Cap villain.

Seven pages of twenty-two from #251, five pages of seventeen from #252, one page of five from a backup feature and an ad.

Remember Roxxon? )

And as we casually stroll into the setting sun, your thoughts and comments?

eta: Yes, we have posted Cap #250, here:
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Back in the late 1980's it was a dark-ish time for the old school superhero fan (well, this one at least), a significant number of characters I liked had either been reimagined to unrecognisability, shot dead and the "dark antihero" was on the rise, a school of character I rarely like.

But every now and again, there were glimmers of hope (again, for me at least), a couple of everyman heroes (for a fairly white, straight, male value of "every" I grant you)

Marvel gave me Quasar, which I've posted in the past, and in 1988 DC gave me a new use of an old name, with Roger Stern and Tom Lyle creating a new spin on....


Featuring a rather colourful costume... )

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Everyone has heard about the infamous story when Hank Pym slapped Janet Van Dyne. But few care to read it to learn how full of great character moments it is. One of them is a lovely sequence with Hawkeye and She-Hulk.

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Going against the tendency of superhero assholes who wallow in macho posturing and behave like abrasive, shallow pricks, I'm posting a scene from gentler times, when superheroes were cordial, easy-going and seemed like cool people to hang around with:

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It's time for another Re-Week post (looking forward to seeing everyone else's!)

This time we look at Re-ign of the Supermen and the re-turn of...well, you'll see.

7 & 1/3 pages of 22.

It can't end this way! )

Your thoughts and comments?
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...There was "Action Comics Weekly", DC's first attempt at a weekly comic book. It was an anthology comic somewhat on the model of 2000 AD, several continuing stories each week, with seven page chapters (and a two-page Sunday comics spread for Superman.) There were several interesting projects done during this run--I especially liked the new Secret Six they had. Sadly, sales and logistics reasons meant that the experiment lasted less than a year.

Love that Kirby art, though I think this might have been an inventory piece DC had lying around. 2 1/3 pages from each of the seven-page storiesin Action Comics Weekly #638 (2/7/89), one double-page spread, and a special treat!

Remember relevance? )

Your thoughts, questions and comments?
( --see my fiftieth birthday approaching!)
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Roger Stern had a series back in 1998 called MARVEL UNIVERSE that was going to cover the hidden history of the Marvel Universe. It was good, but only lasted 7 issues. Stern found out while he was plotting a story about Dr. Strange's first night back in New York City after he's finished his training with the Ancient One. And now Marvel is printing the story.
Preview from Newsarama.

Welcome home. )
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In the Clone Saga post, Ben and Matt bemoan the loss of the world's heroes during the Onslaught event. They weren't actually alone, but to average people nobody else really counted. The X-men, Hulk, and New Warriors were all pretty insular and often low profile. The strange result was that the two 'loner' heroes tended to show up together in crossovers. Read more... )
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I was tempted to go for DOOM.
But then I was reminded that my favorite things in life are Cyborg Supermen.
Though if I'm going to go with my favorite male character it's all about this being about business, nothing more. Someone utterly sane and rational. Someone so unlike the Green Goblin!

Someone who's returning after an over twelve year absence in Amazing Spider-Man #649!

Read more... )


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