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DC: The New Frontier + Hanna-Barbera characters = one of Rebirth's best team books today. Swear! Give it a chance when you have the...well, chance.  
Anyway, each backup contemporizes an HB-verse superhero's origins. This one, about healing from loss through giant-ass robotry, is about Frankenstein Jr. Check it!
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"We set out to create a Ditko-esque hero when we created him, without duplicating any existing Ditko character." -- Kurt Busiek

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Ron Randall's Trekker is back as a webcomic!  Those of you who are getting to meet Mercy St. Clair, the greatest bounty hunter of the 23rd century, for the first time, are in for a real treat!  Here's a few scans from the latest story, "The Train to Avalon Bay":The quality of Mercy.... )

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I've been reading through some of the previous run on Supergirl, going back on the bits that I missed. I know that the first few issues were dreadful, with the hangover from Superman/Batman, then there was nonsense with Kara being a quilled assassin from Krypton, then at some point it became good. I've read through the Resurrection Man/Supergirl vs. the Terminally ill boy arc (containing issue #32, which this story is from), which was a bit grim, but with some good moments. Is there anything further back that's worth reading, or have I gone back as far as I reasonably can?

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Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing was memorable on many levels. As well as reinventing a rather lackluster take on the titular character and changing the rules of the game completely in "The Anatomy Lesson", he also introduced John Constantine and Swamp Thing's true nature as an embodiment of the plantlife of the world. Constantine would put Swamp Thing through many trials and tests to make him become used to his new existence and the true extent of his powers.

He also did some truly awesome horror stories... This is one that lingers with me, partly because of the hook for the main character, and partly because of the amazing art from Steve Bissette and John Totleben (And Ron Randall too, according to Mr Bisssette himself)

Say hello to the nice people Swamp Thing!

"Hi nice people!"

I was never able to take American's referring to "the Boogeyman" seriously. As a kid in the 1970's it was a dance, and how could a monster be named after a fun, if silly-looking, dance? In the UK there is another name for such monsters, a much less pleasant sounding word, so from Swamp Thing 44, I present...

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No, that's not some not-so-clever attempt at a jab against some latest DC development. I'm referring to a plot point in the latest issue (#9) of Doom Patrol, which remains a great read.

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creator: keith giffen, title: doom patrol, creator: matthew clark, creator: ron randall, publisher: dc comics


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