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Alfie O'Meagan is a hyper-human; he has the power to reshape matter itself with his mind. He sought to use that power to save humanity once and for all from the threat of thermnonuclear annihilation. The Powers of Doctor Manhattan, the aims of Ozymandias, the foresight of neither. Weeks after all Nuclear material, every bomb, every reactor, was rendered inert the third World War began.

An American task force containing a unit of Green Berets, and an aging dentist who is also a ninja storm Moscow in a suicidal attempt to rescue one man: John Doe, the elite agent code named: Nth Man.

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DAREDEVIL #350 is the end of a story by J.M. DeMatteis that is an important but underrated part of Daredevil's history. Foggy finds out Matt is Daredevil (and is furious) and it is the end of the "Jack Batlin" era. Also, Matt's teacher Stick returns to give Matt a lesson in vigilante morality.

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During an attack on GI Joe headquarters Cobra Commander and Destro wind up missing and presumed dead, however they are alive and making their way together in civilian disguises.

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I don't know if people here loved the '90s Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch. I loved the first years of the series and then it turned into a mess with bad writing and incomprehensible art. For me the best story of the series was the ongoing feud between Ghost Rider and the vampire Blackout.

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DAREDEVIL #350 concluded J.M. DeMatteis' brief but important run on the book. Matt Murdock had a nervous breakdown (neither his first nor his last) and started running around in his old Yellow outfit. He then remembered accidentally killing a prostitute in Frank Miller's MAN WITHOUT FEAR series. Then Karen Page and Foggy Nelson found Matt, and Foggy was angry he never knew Matt was Daredevil. Then Stick showed up. Then Matt was in a graveyard confronted by three Daredevils in the three Daredevil costumes.

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J.M. DeMatteis' brief DAREDEVIL run continues. After stopping the rampaging woman called Sir, Matt Murdock has realized the man who has been running around in the old yellow Daredevil costume is... himself! That was quickly followed by remembering he accidentally pushed a prostitute out a window while trying to "get" the last of the fixer's men who killed Battlin' Jack Murdock. Karen Page and Foggy Nelson found Matt in "Jack Batlin's" apartment, catatonic and in the yellow Daredevil costume.

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There are a lot of underrated Daredevil writers, and J.M. DeMatteis is right up there. Of course, he's better known for writing other characters *and* his run on DAREDEVIL was only about 6 issues. But it was during that run that Foggy Nelson learned Matt Murdock was Daredevil *and* Matt decided to drop the "Jack Batlin" alias.

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