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I am craving barbecue, so you get Kaine and Aracely eating barbecue. 3 pages from Scarlet Spider #6.

Dark Spider is a terrible name, Kaine )
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'Imagine this conversation: "So, what's your name?" "Logan." "And your first name?" "I prefer not to use it." "But if you did?" "It's James." And that's that. The fact that he doesn't go by his original name is meaningful, and we'll get into that. And for those people who think that "but if you did?" should be followed by "snikt," oh grow up...' - Paul Cornell

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"'We got Peter Parker back' reduces that enormous, lovely story. These are stories, not fact from an unreal world." -- Paul Cornell

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"I've been busily blocking some folk who reacted to Wolverine with great annoyance. The ones who were impolite, that is. . . . I remember my own fan rage, as a teenager, and how it was genuinely an expression of love. But one should grow out of it." -- Paul Cornell on Twitter, about the book's new direction

"Season 2" of Cornell's Wolverine run commences. [personal profile] kojiro already posted a few pages; here are three more.

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Newsarama has the preview for issue #2.

Looks like Kaine has also picked up another annoying Parker family trait.

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The deathmatch wheel has been spun and someone was bored, I mean bold enough to make a comic out of it.
Comic Book Resources has the article announcing Hulk vs. Dracula.

Oh yeah, SPOILERS!!!

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Greetings True Believers!

I have another post of how awesome the Thor crew is. This one is about Thor's Asgardian love and one of the finest warriors in the Nine Worlds, the Lady Sif!

Midgard women sometimes get their groove back by beginning unconventional relationships, traveling to other countries or by signing up for a pilates class. How does an Asgardian woman do it? By slicing and dicing space pirate scum. Enjoy!

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