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'Star Wars is enough to drive any fair-minded observer of popular culture insane. I sit in horror, watching otherwise sane-minded individuals wander out of the latest cinematic monstrosity cursing George Lucas' name only to - a handful of months later - go out and buy the DVD anyway "for the extras". You scratch your head at the AintItFatFacedAmericansInTheirBasements somehow claiming the original trilogy were the high points of cinematic history, when only Empire stands up as anything more than campy high adventure and Jedi is covered in a frankly embarrassing Ewokitis. And you grit your teeth as reviewer after reviewer adds twenty percent to a game's score because it's got Stormtroopers and the real Lightsabre sound effects. In short: I hate Star Wars.' - Kieron Gillen

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With some of the variant covers for Darth Vader #1 by.. Greg Horn, Adi Granov, Alex Ross (he got two of them), Mark Brooks, Mico Suayan, Greg Land, Mike Del Mundo, Salvador Larroca, and Whilce Portacio.

And they do have a much more striking colour scheme )
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"Al [Ewing]'s one of the best of the current crop of 2000AD writers, along with Si Spurrier and Rob Williams – a British sensibility not a million miles from my own." -- Garth Ennis

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'I have whiteboard next to me that I can turn and look at, and I have 23 books right now that I would like to do, that are not Batman meets Buckaroo Bonzai, not bullsh*t like that. It’s fully fleshed out. I don’t think I have an off-switch, and stuff just keeps popping up. So I don’t think any idea I have is precious or worth holding on to. I want to deliver a product every month. And sometimes I try to pack too much into an issue; I overwrite. But it comes from a good place.' - Jonathan Hickman

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'Hickman has the long game down pat. When he first came into the Marvel offices, he had note books that were like the ones from 'Seven' and he'd say 'here's what we're gonna do' with that Texas drawl of his. It's phenomenal! He knew his last issue of "Fantastic Four" before he wrote his first.' - Mark Waid

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ComicBookResources has the new title, as Nathan Dayspring Summers returns to action, and has his own squad behind him again.

Most of us will not be happy about it.

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So for the last few issues, Tony Stark has been working FOR the Mandarin. Because Stark has plans within plans, and he also has trust issues.

One of those is revealed.


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Greetings True Believers!

Fear Itself rages, Paris is crushed and Iron Man needs help.

So he turns to Odin and his own oldest skill.

Tony needs to make some weapons.

(Even in Asgard, they must adhere to OSHA standards!)

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I've already posted about Tony Stark's AA meeting and Drinking in Matt Fraction's Marvel work.

It seems that, as part of Fear Itself and Iron Man's involvement in the horrors of Fear Itself in Paris, these scenes might be important going forwards.

Fear Itself: Iron Man has actually been a good story. It's definitely better than the main event itself, which has been largely underwhelming.

As a brief rundown, Tony travels to Paris to take on one of the worthy who used to be the Grey Gargoyle.
As a longer rundown... )
Yes, it's going to be interesting.

Especially when we can look forward to Odin watching Tony in a molten hot jacuzzi )
Very interesting.


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