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 Wow, I did not mean to have three posts in one day. Sorry about that. Anywhere, here is the variant cover for the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, showcasing Miles Morales in the new black-and-reds.

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The recent story about Megan, a.k.a. Pixie, and her high school "experience" reaches it's conclusion. CosmicBookNews has the preview, and I love the inter-team taunts and verbal sparring. Some samples of the preview and posturing behind the cut.

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From the June Solicits on CBR here's the third issue of Marvel Her-oes.

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suggested tags: char: she-hulk/jennifer walters, char: wasp/janet van dyne, char: namora/aquaria nautica neptunia, creator: craig rosseau, creator: grace randolph, creator: sara pichelli, publisher: marvel comics, title: marvel her-oes
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Two pages from Pixie Strikes Back, by Kathryn Immonen with art by Sara Pichelli. You all realize that as an Anole fangirl, I had to post these, right?

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Suggested tags: char: anole/victor borkowski, char: rockslide/santo vaccarro, char: blindfold/ruth aldine, creator: Kathryn Immonen, creator: Sara Pichelli, publisher: Marvel
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A preview, via Newsarama from the Marvel Digital Holiday Special, out tomorrow
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To be tagged with the title:marvel divas, character tags for Patsy Walker, monica rambeau, felicia hardy, angelica jones, and creator tags for Abby Denson, Sara Pichelli, Emily Warren, Kristyn Ferretti and Lauren Sankovitch

I'll also ask if somebody can direct me to the newspaper Sherlock Holmes comic strips? The ones that had Holmes out to catch a villain who preyed on filthy, penniless rent boys ("So, you know Holmes, try to wear some nicer clothes than you usually do"). It ended with him knocking over a bowl of oranges. Ring any bells?


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