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And since it's America's "Thanksgiving" (comparable to the lesser known UK celebration of "Yipee! They're gone!") we start with a classic

Always my favourite of The Black Cat's Thanksgiving pages

Happy Thanksgiving by *The-BlackCat on deviantART

So a Happy Thanskgiving to you if you're American... unless you're an American turkey, in which case RUN LIKE HELL ... NOW... DON'T STOP TO PACK, TRUST ME ON THIS, JUST RUN!!

A couple of elegant ladies beneath, and a few other things )
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The origins of this posting came about when I saw this image on e-bay

I thought that this was a lovely sketch-card of Aurora and Northstar by an artist named Sara Richard.

and wanted to see more of her work...

When I saw THESE images I knew I had a new artist to keep an eye on )


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