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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - some news about season two (plus a trailer)

Not sure how common this knowledge is, but I thought I'd share.

Starting with the bad news, just to get it out of the way: the premiere of season two has been delayed till some currently-undetermined time next year.

This is based on online reports about the Marvel Television panel at NYCC and some comments by creative staff Christopher Yost (story editor) and Josh Fine (supervising producer). Whether that means it'll start around the time as the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series like these sources (same person at different sites) have suggested – or if we’ll have to wait till around the time the live-action Avengers movie is released (if the two aren't around the same time anyway!) – is unknown at the moment.

But there's good news too!

We now have a much clearer idea of the guest stars and the storyline(s) that the new season will bring. Here’s a rundown of what we can expect, starting with generalities and moving on to specifics.

To start with, two videos that have been around for a while (so you may have seen them before) - interviews with Yost and Fine.

The first has the two of them speaking generally about some of season two's storylines )

And the second has them talking about talking about the second season’s new heroes - and the new looks for some of the older ones. )

And finally, here’s an official trailer for the second season and a link to a gallery of screen caps from said trailer )

Additionally, the first episode of the new season has now (apparently) been seen twice at panels at SDCC as well as the panel at NYCC, so now we have a clearer idea of what that is going to be about. Here's a general description (with links to more spoilery ones) and one picture (a series of screencaps put together, I think). )

So looking forward to this, even if it'll be only next year when I see it.

For legality, some pages (not all related) from the four-issue tie-in comic. )
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Comics are depressing; now for something fun!

I have to say, the news of the DC reboot really depresses me. I was so excited for some issues coming out in the next  couple of months, like that Batman & Robin issue in France. Now, it just seems like it doesn't even matter anymore.

Whenever I think about what is wrong in comics, I'm drawn to books that recognize these flaws and try to make them right. I think we of scans_daily, while sometimes disagreeing, have a general "taste" in comic books. Most of us like books like Batgirl or Thor: The Mighty Avenger, for example.

Atomic Robo is one of those books. The creators KNOW what is wrong in comics, and are sworn to fix them/not do them. So, I will post some Atomic Robo now, because that book NEEDS love, and we need to show that comics industry that no, we do not put up with your bullshit, and instead our money will go to good books until you get your act together.

About Atomic Robo )

5 out of 15 pages from Atomic Robo FCBD 2011 )
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Atomic Robo - The Deadly Art of Science

Once again, Clevinger and Weginer bring us the pure unfiltered awesome, even in the non-action scenes. (:

Just your typical father and son project )

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One Perfect Moment: Doctor Dinosaur

Long time lurker and commenter, first time poster.. fingers crossed that I did this right..

As another post said, picking one perfect moment from an Atomic Robo comic is insanely difficult given how many there are. Given that Robo was taken already, and someone already recently posted the scan I would have used for Jenkins I give you, Dr. Dinosaur, a character only marginally easier to pick them out from due to the fact he's only shown up twice, plus a second moment I included just for how funny I found it.

Both pages are from Volume 4, issue 3 of Atomic Robo

Behold )

As a final bit of icing on the proverbial cake of our inevitable destruction I give you..Dr. Dinosaur's Twitter account!

Good Comics: Atomic Robo

The other day, somebody posted a solicit for Brian Clevinger's upcoming Marvel miniseries, and described him as the "Nuklear Age guy." I thought that was kind of odd at the time. By rights, and by now, he really should be the "Atomic Robo guy."

Robo is one of the most consistently entertaining comics being published at the moment. I'm actually quite surprised more of it hasn't been posted here, as it would seem to be right up SD's alley: continuity-light, focused on humor, colorful and expressive art.

To prevent delays, Robo is published as short limited series rather than as a single ongoing. The first one, Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne, was a series of vignettes that mostly served to establish the character; the second, Dogs of War, was almost entirely set during World War II; and the third, Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time, was a Lovecraftian story guest-starring Lovecraft himself, Charles Fort, and Carl Sagan. Volume Four, Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension, just wrapped up last month. All have been collected in trade paperback, and are apparently available in the iPhone store.

Atomic Robo is a sentient robot built by Nikola Tesla in the early twentieth century, and regards himself as Tesla's son. In the modern day, he's the CEO of Tesladyne, which is headquartered in New York and which is the first port of call for anyone dealing with serious weirdness. At the beginning of Revenge, they're also hiring.

four pages from issue #1 of 'Revenge of the Vampire Dimension' )