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So Ollie believed that when Roy quit he blew up the arrow car. Turns out he didn't and it has appeared on dcBuy and a bidding war has started!

Let the bidding begin!  )

char: batman/bruce wayne, char: green arrow/oliver queen, char: speedy/mia dearden, creator: scotty beatty, title: green arrow
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Apparently there's this little debate going on about Boy Wonder behinds and thighs.

It all started with this thread. Then I posted something about Jason Todd's behind and thighs here and[personal profile] icon_uk replied in kind on Mr. Sexy Ass Dick Grayson here and here, with[personal profile] ficticons jumping into the melee with some awesome stuff here on Tim Drake and Jason.

So I had to consult my adorkable friend, theminiwheat, who's an expert on all things Jason and his body parts, to get her help on what to include here. I included one piece of fan art, the rest are all comic images. Fan art may be a little nsfw due to gore.
So hopefully now THIS rests my case. ;-)

Oh those thighs...  )

Some badass lookin' fan art )


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