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Hey guys, I couldn't help but notice nobody posted this week's Joe the Barbarian. Since um I'm really liking it so far I guess its up to me!

First Post! Woo Hoo! )

Also dumb question, does the cover fall in the 4 scans rule?

creator: grant morrison, creator: sean gordon murphy, publisher: vertigo, title: joe the barbarian

Meet Joe!

Jan. 20th, 2010 09:35 pm
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New comic series this week from Vertigo, AND it's $1 buck! Can't beat that, right? Anyway, if it did not catch your eye at the shoppe today, or if you are more of a weekend shopper: this comic is about a kid who has an over active imagination. and it's a pretty cool imagination at that, check out how his collekshun of action figures!
1 scan from Joe the Barbarian 1 (Potential Spoilers) )


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