Countdown to Final Crisis #47-46


"We all went into it with the best of intentions and we were all very excited. It started out fun, and a neat challenge, but it became more and more trying as the series went on. As with Bedard, Palmiotti, Gray and Beechen, I had very little say. As time passed, we were promised a more prominent role, but the reality was we wound up having less and less to do with it." - Sean McKeever

Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #47: Sean McKeever
Writers for #46: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Artist for #47: Tom Derenick
Artist for #46: Jesus Saiz
Inkers for #47: Andrew Pepoy, Jack Purcell, John Stanisci
Inker for #46: Jimmy Palmoitti
Colorist for #47: Guy Major
Colorist for #46: Peter Pantazis
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

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Cute Romance Week: Juston Seyfert & Jessie Ingram

Since Juston's recently popped up as a background character in Avengers Academy I'd been meaning of post some scans from the two Sentinel series. Anyway in honor of Cute Romance week here's some Juston/Jessie moments from the first two issues. These two never quite became an official couple but... that never stopped them from being cute as a button.

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Another hero has passed away: Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson has today passed away. Though it was often disputed he's best know for being the creator or co-creator of the Joker. But regardless his work and part in the creation of the Bat Mythos is the stuff of legend today. Needless to say he's one of DC's greats.

And of course as having created the Joker he made a character almost as world renowned as Batman and Robin themselves.

Thanks to Jerry Robinson Joker's existed for so long that much like Batman he's been used in a number of ways. Thus I have to say my favorite shall always be of what if the Joker were a hero from The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society as we meet the Jokester of Earth-3. I've seen Jerry at a couple of New York comic conventions, I was hoping one day to get him to sign my page from this issue, but alas that time has passed.

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7 pages & a half of Lehnsherr-Maximoff family drama

Mostly Magneto & Pietro family drama really.

(3 pages & a half from Avengers Academy 22 & 4 pages from Avengers Origins: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch)

Last week in Avengers Academy, Magneto was, along with the X-Men, a guest in order to help with a small matter.

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Introducing a new series: Avengers Origins

At SDCC this year, Marvel announced the release of a five-issue series of one-shots - 40 pages of "all-new material/no reprints" (according to the solicits) at $3.99 - focusing on what "some of the most popular Avengers think about what it takes to be a member of the legendary team" (from the article linked at the bottom of this).

They are:
- Ant-Man & the Wasp, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with interior art by Stéphanie Hans (out Nov. 2 - tomorrow!)
- Vision, written by Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel with interior art by Stephane Perger (Nov. 9)
- Luke Cage, written by Adam Glass and Mike Benson with interior art by Dalibor Talajic (Nov. 16)
- Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver, written by Sean McKeever with interior art by Mirco Pierfederici (Nov. 23)
- Thor, written by Kathryn Immonen with interior art by Al Barrionuevo (Nov. 30)

Covers, solicits, and all sorts of previews (only from the first four, sorry) ahoy! )

More info is available from a article in which each writer/writing team explains briefly what their goals are for their issue and a Newsarama interview with all writers except Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #5

I've decided that most of the Marvel crossovers seem to work better if you pretend the actual main book doesn't exist. Fear Itself has been better than most of them about this, with a lot of fun, interesting work being done in the various spin-offs and limited series, with some newer creators and some of the less-exposed characters.

Youth in Revolt is essentially another volume of Avengers: The Initiative, and in keeping with my last post on the subject, I wanted to show off another nice Cloud-9 moment, in which she and Thor Girl participate in a time-honored Marvel Universe tradition.

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Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #2

Sean McKeever's Youth in Revolt miniseries, a Fear Itself tie-in, is like a who's-who of all the young superheroes Marvel's introduced over the last few years, particularly ones from the Initiative. Steve Rogers has approached Prodigy, the guy from the Slingers, and asked him to coordinate all of the young and unaffiliated heroes in a national disaster response.

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Onslaught Unleashed #4

The conclusion to the Young Allies/Secret Avengers team up as somewhere in the Colombia to stop the return of Onslaught.

Where we last left off, Onslaught (stage 1) had finally come back complete to the Marvel 616, through the Negative Zone portal, no longer needing his anchor, the young hero Nomad.

Things get worse from there.

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Spider-man will abandon his love

Today is young adult comics, right?

Does that include Spider-man loves Mary-Jane? (incidentally, my girlfriend has enjoyed the Mary Jane digests)
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And that's when I started buying Spider-man loves Mary Jane. My Comic Book Guy even asked me if I was sure that that was the book that I wanted.
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Young Allies #6

Picked up the first issue of the All New, All Different Spider-Girl today and enjoyed the heck out of it. I'll try to get a preview of it up soon. In the meantime here's a cute page from Young Allies #6.

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Awesome New Female Characters: MISS MARTIAN!

Alright so I was thinking of who to make a post about. [personal profile] benicio127 made a Mia post, who I did think of making one about, but I don't want to hog all the Mia love. xD So I thought one of my other favorites Miss Martian!

You can't not like her.

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Awesome New Female Characters: Arana + Nomad

So it's Awesome New Female Character Week. What better time to check in with the hot new non-cannon romance find of 2010 ! I'm talking about the "Girl Without a World"... Bucky NOMAD: Rikki Barnes!* and" the Heart of the Spider" Araña ALL NEW SPIDER-GIRL: Anya Corazon.

So here's a nice moment from issue #4 of the supremely entertaining (though recently canceled) Young Allies.

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*Ok Rikki technically isn't that new a character, but I tend to ignore the whole Heroes Reborn thing and pretend she's an awesome character created in the last two years.
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30 Days of Scans: Character I'd bring back from the dead

There's so many great characters I think got shafted, but if I could choose only one...

It would be Jean Grey.

Here was a character that was the heart of the X-Men (Something they've been lacking, since). Not only that, but she really had the potential to give Marvel it's own Wonder Woman. Not only was she powerful and complex, but marketable. The Phoenix insignia is instantly recognizable, and could have given Marvel a brand.

8 out of 30 pages from X-Men Origins: Jean Grey by Sean McKeever and Mike Meyhew...

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Modified Young Allies #1 Cover

Looks like someone's getting a new costume.

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