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So as you know, Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive's ending in February.

The current Kingpin vs. T'Challa arc wasn't intended to wrap it up- there's an interview from this year's San Diego Comic-Con where writer David Liss briefly discusses another one to consequentially follow- but the book's sales've been decreasing since its inception post-Shadowland (there was a Fear Itself bump, but only for the issue introducing the somewhat controversial American Panther), clocking in below 20,000 copies moved for the last few months.

I can understand why readers didn't buy into the Panther, especially post-Doomwar (and, of course, post-Hudlin), and I know there're titles more readily captivating. It's just that his book's getting cancelled, just as it was beginning to hit its stride, is quite an unfortunate bit of timing (but understandable; at least Fisk and T'Challa's battle is getting to conclude as intended).

Especially since its protagonist had also done so, by throwing off some of the more awkward elements of his post-Shadowland status quo. )
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In the 853rd century, the JLA of that era guard the nine planets of the solar system, one member to each planet (or dwarf planet in Pluto's case, whatever).

However, there are bodies that orbit the sun even further out than Pluto. This issue introduces our solar system's thirteenth plaent, Iai. It is the domain of the Creeper.

Read more... )
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So, I kind've dropped all my other posts during Holiday Times, and took some time to recover from it (mostly due to a Phoenix Wright binge), but after a certain subpar release of his his week, I really needed something better of Rucka's to read and share (this'd be so much easier if my LCS would actually get in Stumptown already).

So let's enjoy 'Tec #'s 758 & 759, written by Greg Rucka, with art by Shawn Martinbrough and Steve Mitchell! (7 1/3 pages from each) )

Next time, Sasha runs the same gantlet to be expected of any of his street-level types, teaming up with Huntress!

Also, just a reminder, if you're planning to contribute to the Scans_Daily Boom De Yada Project, or you need to back out for any reason, I've received a number of submissions already, but there are so many still missing!

suggested tags:
char: batman/bruce wayne, char: sasha bordeaux, char: question/renee montoya, char: spectre/crispus allen, creator: greg rucka, creator: shawn martinbrough, title: detective comics, publisher: dc comics
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So, [personal profile] sailorlibra requested some Sasha Bordeaux a while back, and I've finally gotten off of my lazy ass to do something about it. The way I see it, I've got about four posts worth of material from Rucka's first run on Detective Comics without derailing any future posts I have planned, which will have the added benefit of serving as a springboard for a future series of posts from Checkmate, as requested by [personal profile] ghosty732.

But enough of that, to the comics! And as I figure, there's no better place to begin then, well, the beginning. So, we're looking at seven pages from 'Tec #751, and a little bit from #752 )

Next time, Jim Gordon's retirement party! Featuring Sasha getting suspicious, my favorite Two-Face seen ever, and me pulling my hair out trying to cut it all down to page limits!

also, i think this is my first full post since the move
(Animal Man wasn't full, and Scans De Yada doesn't count since there weren't enough comics; By the way, if you're planning to contribute, I'm still waiting on a number of submissions!)
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Contains spoilers
Four pages from an issue of 22 )

Tags: title: luke cage noir, creator: mike benson, creator: adam glass, creator: shawn martinbrough


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