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Walked into my comic shop today, missed the chance to pick up the "last" issues of Teen Titans (though from what I seen what they did with Superboy Prime and Indigo that was a good thing) and Superboy. But I found the last issue for the Kid Flash miniseries and imagine my shock to this ONE page in the book.
A look back before Bart's Final Lap... )
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This is a hard issue to narrow down so I'll keep it to the anvils that seem to go somewhere. Be sure I'm missing gold though.

You-Shall-Not-Pass! )
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The one page back up to Robert Kirkman, Ransom Getty and Benito Cereno's Guardians of the Globe, from Chris Giarusso )

And, from Supergirl 57 check out Bizarro Arsenal's weapon )
But between Octoboss and assorted Bizarros, it was a tough read.
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Tags:character: general zod,character: superman/clark kent,creator: james robinson,creator: sterling gates,event: war of the supermen,publisher: dc comics

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The last stand between Earth and New Krypton reaches the penultimate issue as the battle moves to Earth.Newsarama has the interview with the team closing up the New Krypton story arc.

You sank my battleship. )
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Adventure Comics #9, out this week, ran with three stories- the first was James Robinson's elaboration on the Legion's part in the Last Stand of New Krypton.

It starts, as some things do, at the end.  )

creator: james robinson, creator: sterling gates, title: adventure comics


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