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The story so far: "Incursions" are happening across the multiverse, where two Earths from different realities will occupy the same space and collide. Upon collision, both universes are destroyed. The only way to prevent that, each time there's an incursion, is to blow up one of the Earths before they properly collide.

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FF #16

Mar. 29th, 2012 07:09 pm
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Calvin and Hobbes.
Burt and Ernie.
Butch and Sundance.
Han and Cheweii.
Woody and Buzz.

Time to add one more pair of two the "great companions" list, as the Fantastic Four and FF clean up the big mess put together after these past few years of Hickman's amazing run (so far).


edit: I thought I had uploaded the correct pics. Fixed.

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I've wanted to post this for ages (well, since Fantastic Four #600 came out), featuring as it does my New Character Find of 2010 The Anti-Priest of the Negative Zone. He's the leader of a cult who want to bring Annihilus and the Annihilation wave into our universe, and he preaches at a club called the Other Side of Zero.

His quest to bring the Annihilation Wave into our universe was one of the threads that tied in to the War of the Four Cities
In the first story of Fantastic Four #600, Forever part 1 )

And the flashback from the second story )
I love this sequence. The letterbox framing echoes the negative sign/control rod, the actual speech from the Anti-Priest just sounds good and I do like seeing scenes revisited later on when they are dripping with meaning.
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Huh. I'm kind of surprised no one's posted this yet. I know someone posted the preview page, but here's what's going on around the view in the sky. This was the second best moment in the book. But since I'm out of pages since this is the latest issue, go and pick it up. It's so worth it. Especially when you see Cap's face when he realizes the scope of what just happened. In any case, I picked the personal moment, because I've been waiting for this moment ever since the book went to its FF status. And it was worth the wait.

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Outside of the drama and the high-handedness and bloodshed in the rest of the issue, two adorable genius children have lunch together. Enjoy.

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Considering that this will be the week when the Captain America's film will be released, I suggest everybody posts some cool moments with our beloved Captain America (Feel free to use any versions of the Sentinel of Liberty) as a way to celebrate. May all of us have some fun!!!

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Repeating the images from the preview (now with words) as an assorted who's who of people with grudges against Reed Richards of the FF gather.

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So if you saw the previous post with FF01 you'll know the new team isn't getting just one new member but two three plus the kids. I liked this idea but there was something that bugged me.

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First try at the new site, hope I got all the HTML right.


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