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The Pride once fought the Illuminati.

They did so at the climax of Iron Man Legacy's Industrial Revolution arc.

There, they'd cornered Tony Stark, whose work to revitalize a neighborhood under their control (undertaken in the course of his time with Circuits Maximus) they'd interpreted as an attack on them personally.

Issue #10 ended with his Illuminati friends coming out of the sky to save him.

Issue #11 opened with the two cabals going at it.

They paired off like you'd expect them to. )

X-Men Legacy #300: "ForgetMeNot"

X-Men Legacy has had a weird history. It started as basically a book starring Charles Xavier. Then, it turned into a book starring Rogue. Then finally it was a book starring Xavier's son Legion.

So, naturally, the grand issue #300, the series finale, gives us a story... that's not about any of them.

The final issue )
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Sentinels, meet Jubilee

by request of [personal profile] brilliantnova, I bring you Jubilee kicking Sentinel ass on the latest Adjectiveless.

There's a context, but who gives a shit about it?

3 pages from X-Men v3 #22 )
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Tony Stark's a practical science hero! (An engineering hero?)

Over in Iron Man Legacy, he's been displaying his characteristic talent for building things out of seeming nothings, be they companies out of run-down factories or innovations out of the stuff of junkyards.

And since this is Tony, he's also had to build weaponry out of that junkyard, to fend off the Serpent Society's mercenary attack in last month's #8.

(There's some of this week's #9 after that, if you're on the lookout for spoilers.. oh, and if you didn't know, this takes place while Tony's down with Circuits Maximus.)

Whose capabilities he announces, as he always does, with a great big BOOM! )
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Neither Pride nor Society nor regular shaving are a part of him now.

Once upon a time, Tony Stark had only a suit of armor (and some golf clubs) to his name.

Left wandering the streets of Los Angeles thanks to Obadiah Stane's corporate acumen, he met a brilliant but unmedicated man.

He then saved that man from a racist Hangman, rollerskated through a freeway traffic jam, and got himself kinetically drained into a Yinsen hallucination by some well-equipped but shabbily dressed thugs.

And after all that, he's still alive. But the Pride, LA's own supervillains, intend to change that in Iron Man Legacy #7. )
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Unlike March, Tony Stark doesn't come roaring in.

Nor is he a lion, even if he's growing the mane to match in Iron Man Legacy #6.

He's got a reason for not shaving, though: Obadiah Stane's taken his company, Namor's convinced his fellow Illuminati to let Tony go it alone, and all he's got to his name is a set of golf clubs.

And to top it off, the first person he meets wandering the streets of LA is a man blathering about Alphabet agencies..  )

Ultimate Armor Wars #1

It's an article of faith on SD that everyone in the Ultimate Universe is a dick except Peter. It's untrue, of course; the UFF are all, if anything, kinder than their mainstream counterparts, and most of the X-Men are perfectly decent people. Then there's Ultimate Tony Stark.

There were a few things about today's Ultimate Armor Wars that jumped out at me that I thought I'd share.

four pages )

Stay classy Marvel

I looked back a bit and I haven't seen this posted but I just joined so I might be mistaken in which case forgive the repeat.

So when I looked through Uncanny X-men on a recent bout of masochism my righteous feminism sense were all ready pinging and on the last page of Fantastic Force they went wild. (There's some alternate timelines involved before people go 'where did this come from' on me.)


Edited because I don't want the focus to be on my comments on comics and on the panel itself.