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Some people have wondered who the new 'Spider-Girl' in Spiderverse is. She's Ashley Barton, also known as Spider-Bitch. She's the granddaughter of Spider-Man and daughter of Hawkeye from the alternate future in Mark Millar's 'Old Man Logan' arc.

Warning: There's one scene here that's pretty gory.

Scans under the cut... )
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We've talked a lot about CIVIL WAR and the JMS Spider-Man run elsewhere on this board, so I thought I would post a few pages about the big unmasking.

My name is Peter Parker )
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In the most recent requests post, shadowspykie asked for some kick ass Emma Frost scans. One thing popped into my head.

It's from New Avengers #9. The Void is attacking America. Reed Richards has the machine that they used to banish The Void before and is aided by Emma Frost to help get Robert Reynolds under control.

Reed, Emma and the Sentry convince Robert of the threat that the Void poses and that Robert can help to stop it.

Emma asks that Robert relaxes and allows her into his mind and this is what it looks like )
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The not-so-recent-actually teaser for Spider-man: Infested, the prologue to Spider-Island followed on the theme of one of Marvel's favourite cover gimmicks - Sleepy Avengers )
I'm sure that there's been one of these for World War Hulk, but I couldn't find it. If you know of any that I missed out, please post them in the comments.
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The comic's backmatter gives the genesis of this cover:

"Here's a little extra treat for all of you Nemphomaniacs. Just to prove his renaissance man-ishness, Mark decided to put the keyboard away and pick up a pencil and draw the variant cover for this issue."

Four pages... )
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Since today is the silent scene day on our 30 days, I give you some of Ultimate Galactus, specifically Ultimate Secret #1 by Warren Ellis and the superlative Steve McNiven (why is Steve McNiven only drawing things that I don't like).

slightly cheaty, with some words in it. )
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CBR has a preview for Ultimate Mystery #1 featuring the return of a character that I believe was last seen at the end of Ultimate Extinction . He's a physicist working in space travel in the Ultimate Universe
Inertia - the Warren Ellis way )

I missed out on Ultimate Enemy, but I'm interested in Ultimate Mystery. I wonder if it has to do with Ultimate Doom.
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Since I posted the Predictably Unpredictable monologue, lots of people have been gushing over Wolf at the door. (you can buy a copy from Amazon Marketplace for £3.98 plus postage, or from the real Amazon for £8.37). I went and re-read some of it yesterday and yes, I cried. #4 is featured in Best of the Fantastic Four hardcover along with some other classics like the origin story, Johnny Storm's April Fool's, Reed asking Otto Octavius for help with Sue's pregnancy, the first issue of Waid and Wieringo's run on FF and quite a bit more. I think that Liddleville is in there too, but it's next door and I'm not prepared to check.

I only post to give you probably the prettiest thing that McNiven drew in Wolf at the Door - the beginning of The Ledge Scene )
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I know that it's not One Perfect Moment Week until Sunday, but you have my attention now. This is from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Steve McNiven's superlative Wolf at the Door, the first collection in their Marvel Knights Four run. It appears regularly on Idea102 because it's just so bloody good looking.

Context: Reed, Sue, Ben, Franklin and Franklin's friends are camping in New Jersey's pine barrens. Aliens are kidnapping cattle and also two documentary makers and one of Franklin's friends. Reed and Ben go to save them, while Sue protects the kids. Reed ends up trapped on the alien ship which leads us to Escape Scenario 63 )


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